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Best of: October 2015

The longest month of the year came and went by a lot quicker than I thought it would. First off, there were no holidays in October which is a feat since 2015 in Singapore seemed to have holidays every month (for which I'm grateful). And second, there were five weeks in October which made it seem all the more longer.

But to combat this, I made sure I was my most social self. Lesson learned though? Everything in moderation. I am so exhausted and just generally a lot poorer than I'd like to be because of all my being social. Still, not a bad month after all.

I had so many friends visiting from Manila this month, it felt like I never left home (not true, but somewhat close). Chrissy and Carlo Chan came over at the start of the month and we had dinner for a bit. Then Iza came over for a very impromptu weekend and that was tiring but awesome. We spent the entire day together from breakfast at MBS, to Universal Studios to mall hopping and back to MBS to pretend we were swanky enough for Spago. Good times, in all!

We also said hello to new friends in Singapore! Patricia, my cousin Nikki's cousin, just moved over to the Lion City and we were able to welcome her (though she treated us) to not quite tea at House @ Dempsey. It was great to catch up with almost family. I also met up with Chaps (because he couldn't make it to dinner with Chrissy) and it was nice to say hello to old friends.

We also said goodbye to new friends. Cris from the Singapore team at work resigned and it's sad to say goodbye because she was one of the easiest people to work and one of the friendliest ones to me (we're both Filipino), so though I'm sad she's leaving, I'm really happy for her.

I also went on my first Tinder date. It was pretty good, though not exactly one for follow through. We ended up catching a concert of Yuna which was nice because she's really good. Perhaps we'll be friends, perhaps not, but it was a fun night nevertheless. My Tinder date cherry has been popped.

Though things were pretty hectic at work, there were still some down moments to laugh and have fun. Plus, because of work, I was able to score tickets to the WTA Tournament semi-finals. We ended up watching Penneta and and Sharapova and just generally a good time.

Sayaka has been doing her best to get me to be more social too and so I ended up going out dancing with her (I'm glad I was in flats) and having 3-dollar prosecos which is the cheapest alcohol I've ever had in Singapore. Not a bad deal at all. Look at me dancing on a weeknight.

Christopher, another of my Filipino colleagues asked me to assist in a photo shoot with a really ridiculously good looking male model (who also happens to be a lawyer, what!). I'm horrible with boys and make-up but somehow, I found myself on a Saturday grooming this model. Not bad.

Then the last two days of the month had me attending the company Halloween/Christmas party and it was fun to not dress up but still dress up. I went as Rosie The Riveter which was a lazy but somehow good enough costume. And finally, Leslie and Gabe came over on the last day and we all had hawker food. Not a bad way to end the month.

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