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Currently: Keeping myself busy with busy things

It's halfway-ish through the month and for the longest month without a single holiday, so I've been trying my bestest to keep busy and to make the weekdays (and shockingly even the weekends) busy with activities. I'm shockingly enjoying all this socializing but I'm also quite tired.

But hey, I'm only going to get older and get more tired so I might as well do this now while I still have a tiny bit of energy left in me. Look at me stepping away from Netflix. I know, it's shocking even me. Who am I??!

Loving: that I've been able to do my Nike+ Running coach for a month plus now! I don't get to do it all on the right days but I've been doing the jogging bits and I'm so tired all the time from it but it feels good to accomplish all of this. I hope I actually lose weight or get healthy from this. Or both!

Crushing On: So there's Tom Hiddleston and his very very handsome face. With the Crimson Peak promotional tour full steam ahead, he's looking very very good. I know i am one with the entire world (or a majority of it) on our love for him, but his hairstyle in the movie he's promoting is not working for me, I'll take it. I'll take him any day.

Reading: I've been reading a lot of 'self-help-ish' books mostly aiding my newly-active-ish Tinder-ing life. Between He's Just Not That Into You, It's Just F*cking Dating and Why Men Love Bitches, I'm not quite sure how to weave it all together but there are some over-arching themes that I should probably listen to and adhere to. It's all very interesting, now if I can put it to action and get results, we'll be talking.

Watching: Shondalaaaaaand which is back in my life. I'm surprisingly not watching too many new TV shows but How To Get Away With Murder is always very interesting to me. This show just keeps doing crazy loops. Then there's Scandal which is ok in a way but needs more Jake, I feel. I'm also really enjoying Quantico. I would love for more craziness in this show.

Listening to: I've been switching between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's new albums and they're pop-tastic and yet also quite interesting. I'm really looking forward to Adele's new album just because Hello is bringing back the feels. I also went to a Yuna concert and though I wasn't a fan coming in, I definitely was going out of it. Her new song All I Do has a slit-your-wrists feel, just the way I like it.

Planning: on taking up more classes. I definitely want to continue my yoga but I also want to take a tennis class again and maybe a dance class -- but I'm not sure what yet. There are only so many week nights but I definitely want to try these two out. Here's to finding an affordable and doable class.

Working on: my Christmas list! I don't want to rush through this so I'm going to slowly write my Christmas cards and go through my list. I'm so lazy to get out and shop though so I'm hoping I find a lot of what I need online. I just hope I actually get it done.

Anticipating: the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour and the stop in Singapore this November! Plus macysfields is coming over for her birthday weekend and my parents are coming in and Chrissy and Bart are coming and end of the month Leslie is visiting so it's a lot of folks from home coming over. I'm very excited.

Wishing: I could attend the WTA in Singapore! I'm looking at the tickets and they're a bit expensive and it's all women in this stop (not that I don't like them but I enjoy watching the mens singles more), but still, it would be nice to get a match in live.

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