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12 of 12: When I had not quite a manic Monday

I always look forward to the 12th of the month but after last month's more exciting edition, it's a little sad to go back to a 'normal' day in the office. Still, it's sure to be different from my other 12s in Manila considering I've been in Singapore for 10 months now.

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    01. 12:21am, my bedroom
    I started reading the new Meg Cabot Princess Diaries book and it's amazing because I still love it decades later. It's one of the first books I read and really loved and so it feels the same way, years later. So excited to read the rest of the book.

    02. 08:39am, my bedroom
    The haze wasn't as bad today as it's been the past few days and I can actually see outside my window now. It's nice to be able to see sunlight and a clear line of sight in the morning.

    03. 09:15am, Buangkok MRT
    And I miss the train right as I get down to the platform, but it's alright. I feel so very spoiled with how efficient and awesome the transport system is here. It's not funny. I could get used to this.

    04. 09:40am, Istana Park
    And the beautiful sight I see once I get off the train and before I hit the office. It's another route and a new one I'm taking and it's a really pretty 2 minute walk through the park. Good times.

    05. 10:30am, the office pantry
    I'm also not used to free coffee. I take it for granted, too. I like it and I probably drink way too much coffee now and way too less water. But I'm sure I'll get over the novelty.

    06. 11:40am, my office desk
    My schedule for the week is packed but not as packed as it could be and I'm glad for that. The weekend looks good but it's a pretty social week for me, which is rare. Looking forward to rest of the week.

    07. 03:02pm, Subway
    And it's a very very late lunch for me, which isn't the usual, don't worry. But things kept piling up one after the other and waiting for Sayaka who was feeling sick led to this late lunch. not bad.

    08. 08:09pm, my office desk
    And it was a long afternoon of work and definitely ready to shut down at this time. Sending a couple more emails and tying up loose ends on a Monday and I'm raring to get home.

    09. 09:02pm, Dhoby Ghaut MRT
    I walked Rashi to the bus station and we hung out for a bit talking and catching up before her bus came. I'm so jealous that she's going on a 2-week holiday but totally deserved after a crazy past few weeks of mid-season sale prep. I can't wait for a holiday again.

    10. 09:40pm, Kopitiam
    And it's grabbing dinner before my run. I love the Kopitiam near the MRT station just because i can get my chicken rice, prata and kway teow there. It's kway teow this week. I can't usually finish an entire serving but with my run, I'm sure I will.

    11. 09:50pm, our front door
    And I have a package! That I missed! I didn't even know that I would be receiving something through FedEx. I had ordered some stuff over the web and didn't realise they were being sent express. Excited to receive my package though.

    12. 10:23pm, Sengkang East Avenue
    And it's time for my mandatory run. Nike+ Running tells me to run and I'm just so tired but I need to do it. I don't know when I'll ever enjoy the runs but I got to do what I got to do.

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