Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

You should have known by now you were on my list

Are you a creature of habit? Do you enjoy routine? What routines do you have? Do you have any routines that you wish you could break out of?
I'm the hugest creature of habit. Well, technically, i'm a creature of checklists. I have checklists at work. I have checklists for my checklists. It's the only way to have some sort of semblance of sanity with all the things i Have to do at work.

But even in real life, I like checklists. I schedule things and make time for things and add things I want to do to my checklist. My sister got me this book called Listography for all the lists I make and I'm wishing I took it with me to Singapore. So the next time I'm home, I'll probably bring it back with me.

There are pros to the checklist, I don't have to remember things too much and I can focus my brain energies on other things. And after a while, the checklists turn into routine and habit that I don't even need checklists for anymore. I also like the feeling of order amidst all the chaos in my life.

The downsides of course are that I'm sometimes ruled by these lists. When i want to do something, but there are other things on the list, i tend to prioritise the list and not give in to spontaneity, which is something I'm striving to do -- living in the moment (or so my Tinder profile claims).

Then of course, I can't sleep or move on if I know that I have an un-ticked to-do on my list. But I'm getting better at that. I already have things overdue!!! The horror. really though, I'm easing up. But hey, it works for me, I suppose. So that's all that matters.
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