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Best of: September 2015

Thanks to my lovely West Coast vacation, I actually only spent 2/3 of the month in Singapore and though it felt like longer than that (and vacations always feel shorter than they really are), I tried to keep myself occupied and did my run of socialising when normally, I would be on Netflix. With the bathrooms renovated and Netflix back in my life, I'm shockingly not on it as much as I want to be. Which is a good thing and a bad thing, but let's take the good.

New stuff, the usual stuff and just me being more sociable all in all. And with that we say goodbye to September, too. Hello, Quarter 4 of 2015. How quickly you've arrived.

It's been shenanigans pretty much in the office. Right before I left for the West Coast, we finally had the launch party for TOPSHOP and TOPMAN and though I had zero to do with the actual party, it felt really good to actually pull it off and meet two of the folks we've been coordinating with in the UK. Still, it's been fun going around the office goofing off in our spare moments of non-stress. This is rare.

One of our friends also left for Spain, and so we had a goodbye dinner for Jenny and Roy at my cousin's new place (really near my office) and we did a bit of Tarot card reading from a book which was fun as always.

And I got to have dinner and some serious talk with my siblings at the hawker near my house! I'm glad we get to see each other semi-regularly even if we're all too busy with other stuff. Once in a while is always nice.

I've been attending Bible Study (the one that I discovered through my aunt in Bangkok) for a couple of weeks now and it's been pretty good. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the homework but I'm glad I get to see jamypye and we get to have a quick dinner on Tuesday nights now.

My team mate Rashi celebrated her birthday this month and we usually do a cake for everyone but she's been really awesome to everyone and we made her a nice little calendar with notes form everyone which i think she liked so that was good. I also ended up back at Dani and Pepe's place with Sayaka for a game of Smash Up which is the most difficult card game ever but also pretty fun. We had some alcohol and Cards Against Humanity which proves no one is as funny as they think they are.

I had to let go of Sayaka for the last few days of September with her traveling back to Tokyo but it was somehow ok for me. I ended up scheduling so many things just to keep me busy. I ended up at an art gallery with my Filipino colleague, Chris and new friend, Denise (and we found out we're all NEIGHBOURS!!!) who took us to not one but two art events. I'm not an art person or in that field at all but it was nice to be exposed to something new.

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