Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: On a vacation high and I don't want to come down

I've been back at work for four days now and I've been lucky enough to not have jet lag. I don't know, maybe watching all the movies on the plane instead of sleeping helped, but I'm just happy. I hope I'm not jinxing it though for the weekend. Still, good times.

I'll do my vacation post next, I just haven't sorted my pictures (and my feelings -- they're ll good!) but I'm glad I went on it. And September still has two weeks left on it so I know there's still a lot of awesome things that can happen now that I'm back in Singapore. Fingers crossed.

Loving: Post-vacation feels. I can't stress it enough, I had too much fun. In a different way than I had hoped. And what I love more is how the feeling has somehow lasted me four days into work. I'm going to to do a conscious effort to remember this feeling so that I can tap into it when I'm not feeling quite as high.

Crushing On: Dangerous question is dangerous but let's just say real boys also have their appeal (no shit). It's amazing cause I met a lot of new people on this trip and found 99% of them interesting and crush-worthy in their own way. Though I've expanded my world now in Singapore, travelling always opens it up more to all these interesting and yes, crush-worthy folks.

Reading: I thought that Mindy Kaling's new book would be out while I was in the US, it was not. But now that I'm back in SG and have my hands on it, I am about to devour it. Why Not Me I'm sure will change my life, too. Also interested in reading Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance, I think I need a good dose of research and reality to bring me down a notch.

Watching: Fall TV season is upon us and though I'm only really watching The Mindy Project right now, and I'm so happy she's back in my life complete with her parents showing up and Danny being amazing and Joseph Gordon-Levitt showing up unexpectedly. Also, Stephen Colbert's late show is pretty great! So happy to have him back in our lives.

Listening to: Hello, Ryan Adams's 1989 which I'm terribly psyched for and also obsessed with based on the tracks that have been released. And yes, still reeling over Carly Rae Jepsen's album. I don't think I'll ever be over it. The album of Leon Bridges is also pretty amaze.

Planning: On saving up again. This trip pretty much wiped me out (though I didn't spend much on the actual trip) but I want to start saving again. Legitimately. I was pretty good at it in Manila and should be better at it here with my budget and all but somehow, these trips sneak up on me. But financial security is important. I should be an adult about it.

Working on: My vacation post and the photos to post on Facebook. I know, this is a curation thing and it always takes me forever (London & Paris photos got posted a year later!) but I'm going to try to be better at this. I promise, my next entry is on the trip -- otherwise I'll never write about it and forget all the silly little details. Who am I kidding, I won't forget.

Anticipating: F1 weekend! I'm not going but it's always a nice feeling to be here during the Grand Prix. Then there's the holiday on Thursday. It's so weird that it's on Thursday and not even Friday. So I'm anticipating a very good non-working Thursday and hopefully a very very chill Friday. We've got plans to chill-ify it and I hope it all works out. There has to be more

Wishing: I could be on vacation forever or rather have enough money to be on vacation often at least. I know there's a reason they call it a vacation but it's been one for the books. And I wish I can make this feeling last for as long as I can. How are your weeks, lovely LJ friends?

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