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12 of 12: When I didn't quite know what to do with myself

As always, I didn't realise it was the twelfth for a bit after I woke up. Before going to bed, I knew it was the 12th, taking a late night cab going home, but waking up on the 12th, of course, it took a moment for me take stock and remember to take photos. Still, it wasn't a horrible day and as far as I'm concerned, that's a good day!

And here we go for another round of Patty tries to find 12 things in the office she hasn't taken photos of before. It's a tough one, as always

01. 01:26am, KPE
Taking an Uber home is always a nice treat. It's not that public transportation isn't awesome -- in fact, it's superb, but after midnight, things close and it's just more convenient to Uber. I'm getting spoiled.

02. 02:14am, my room
I've been doing nothing but bingeing on John Oliver and old Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert episodes just because and I'm quite in love with with Mr. Oliver. I'm also really excited for Colbert's new show and I hope Stewart does something soon.

03. 03:04am, my room
Clearly, I should be sleeping but one thing leads to another and now I'm playing my favourite game. I keep thinking I'm going to quit this game but I've come so far. And I know it's never going to end and they're just going to add more and more lovely levels, so I can't quit.

04. 08:32am, my room
And I'm awake and getting ready for work. My sister gave me this second devotional. I try my best to read both of them every day but lately, I've been leaning more towards this one just because it's been quite the trying times. It's not bad at all.

05. 12:54pm, a client's office
It's probably my first meeting without my boss around and I was pretty nervous about it. Though I didn't really have to present anything, but I'm still not sure about everything and so I was hoping I didn't quite mess up answers and things. I do miss going to clients.

06. 01:55pm, still at the client's office
The conference calls tarted a little late and it was interesting to see clients in Malaysia -- though they're a couple of miles away. I'm still not used to dealing with clients out of the country, but I'm getting there. I can't believe how things are right now.

07. 02:57pm, the office
And I'm back in the office and I've just had a really huge vegetarian wrap for lunch and I'm catching up with colleagues who I didn't realise I'd be pretty close to. Rashi (my former boss) and April (or creative team's head) are two of my best support systems in the office and I'm just glad they got my back.

08. 08:30pm, my desk
I totally glossed over the parts wherein I actually attended a partner's event and I had to take care of a snafu but I guess it's better that I didn't take photos though the partner event was pretty fun. And here I am back to fixing documents for client's approval. It seems this is all I do now.

09. 09:31pm, still my desk
The sweet Singapore team had brought up some of the pizza they had ordered and gave me a couple of slices. I haven't had pizza in a long time and it was just nice to have something quick and easy to eat in the office. but really, it's the thought that counts.

10. 10:30pm, Marina Bay conference room
So the non-perk of working with clients abroad is that the time difference gives for really weird times for conference cals. The fun part? The call didn't push through but it wasn't too bad I had a lot of things to finish anyway. Some parts of the job are still surreal.

11. 11:42pm, elevator
And I'm going down and finally on my way home. I realise I spend way too much time in the office and I'm actively trying to leave as early as I can but sometimes, just sometimes things are a little too much. And I'm happy I can still smile at the end of the day. Tired but good.

12. 12:03am, Serangoon MRT station
Technically past midnight but I had to sneak it in. I was able to catch the train home. Another Uber home feels too spoiled so I'm trying to limit my cabs and Ubers going home. It's so tempting. All the time, but here I am being all nice and well-behaved. And that's all folks.

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