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Best of: July 2015

How is it possible that we're not more than halfway done with 2015. July was a rollercoaster. And it felt like the downtimes were truly down. I've been quite stressed about work that I let it consume me and I let things spin out of control. It scares me because I'm only 3 months in a couple of weeks and I should still have that new job feeling.

Still, it wasn't all bad. I got to see my siblings more than the usual (considering the parents weren't around) and I got to go out with colleagues and bond a little more (over work stress) but it's all good. There is always a silver lining to everything after all.

Though I wasn't quite expecting it, I ended up having dinner and drinks with some colleagues. The girls on my floor (and in my team), QP, April, Amanda and Sayaka were very cool and forced me to get away from my desk earlier than I would have probably stayed to have dinner or drinks or both! It's nice to chill with folks who are also quite stressed but have been there much loner than I have and so know how to roll with things.

I also got have drinks with Saskia and Elni (from another team) but girls I work with after a pretty horrible week and though I felt sick that evening, it was nice to leave work early and just chill. The bar is right across our office, so everyone who'd pass by would sit down for a bit and have a glass or two.

I've been going home later than usual but it's cause there's so much going on and sometimes I don't get to reach the first hawker centre (food stall) nearest to the MRT, so it's good i live in the vicinity of four hawkers so there's always something that manages to be open.

What's awesome about July was that i saw my siblings more. My brother, PB (or Lex as everyone calls him) actually called me up on a Sunday afternoon to invite me to dinner with my sister. And they came over to my hood! It was so random and so weird and just so welcome. I need more of this in my life.

My dad has always been one to send me photos of his day so I try to reciprocate and send him random photos of my day too. For someone's that only been in the company for 3 months, I've moved seats three times too. The first photo here is me in my old seat beside Sayaka who I caught right before she was about to pose/photobomb me.

Because of crazy schedule, my sister and i didn't get to meet on weekdays like we normally do, but I did get to meet her for dinner at a really nice and quaint Tokyo pancake cafe. I didn't even know these existed. They do. It was great to have pancakes for dinner after a particularly horrible week.

I also got to see Chrissy, a really good friend/ex-officemate from Manila. We had burgers on a weeknight and lots of laughs. Not that I"m homesick every single day but there are days when I miss my friends back home and am glad for the visits and the vibers and video messaging.

As a surprise, I went over to my siblings place (around 7 km apart) and we had a nice fast dinner before my brother had to get back to work (on a Sunday). It's nice to just catch up. I'm also almost nearly done with my brother's scarf! I don't know how to end it though since he doesn't want tassels so I might have to research this. I'm excited to start a new project too. This one went by too quickly.

Two girls i work with also had their last day in July. Melina from Buying and QP from my team. It's sad because I didn't get to get as close to them as I could have. They both were in the company for two years (the company's only three years old) so they were quite the veterans. So many goodbyes this month.

How were your July's? I will try my best to stay more present and on top of things in August. Take this as a feel free to un-friend me post. I know I should be better at keeping up with you all and replying to comments and I'll find time, I promise. I hope you've all been well.

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