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Currently: hopelessly trying to catch up with life

I'm terrible. I'm the worst LJ friend in the history of LJ friends and I acknowledge that and promise to get better at this eventually. Things have been pretty hectic at work and I'm just exhausted all the time. But it's a happy problem to have. So I'm grateful.

Loving: Ruffles. I finally bought junk food. I don't do groceries and I don't buy food outside from the three meals and coffee in the morning (or afternoon) but last weekend I caved and bought three big bags of Ruffles. And now, I am trying to stretch it to make it last. I love it. All three flavours but mostly the cheddar variety. Yes, please.

Crushing On: Luke and Lorelai. I'm in season 4 of my Gilmore Girls re-watch and I'm just so in love with this couple. I'm impatient and started watching all their cute scenes on Youtube and reading about them and stalking them on Twitter and Instagram and just wishing I could relive all the Luke/Lorelai loveliness. I crush this couple so hard.

Reading: Because of my Gilmore Girls obsessions, I'm reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham and it's really really enjoyable so far. I keep thinking that Luke and Christopher and Max and Sookie are characters in the book in some weird AU/RPF kind of thing and it's working for me so far. I hope she writes something else.

Watching: I've started re-watching The OC just because and 90210 and basically anything set in California and I've missed Ryan and Seth and Summer so much. 90210 has been crazy and silly but The OC is just love. Sandy and Kirsten and Julie and just the entire gang. This was my high school life.

Listening to: This is old but I've just recently discovered how wonderful The Civil Wars are. It breaks my heart that they've broken up already but the albums they did release are amazing and I've just been moody/brooding while listening to them. Why must they put me in such a mood? I love it.

Planning: My brother's coming over (and his girlfriend is coming over too!) for the long weekend in August and I'm really excited. We're planning an entire hipster itinerary for the two of them since they seem like that kind of couple. I can only imagine how tiring that weekend will be but it'll be fun and worth it.

Working on: Catching up with all of you. I will get around to my flist in this lifetime, I promise you that. I'll get there. And bug me, bug me bug me, whenever you can. If you're on Twitter, message me @woodycakes as I'll probably get back to you faster and I'd love to hear from all of you. So just bug me.

Anticipating: Finishing my other brother's scarf (i'm almost done, I think) and starting a new one for my uncles! I want to knit that one and since I'm crocheting this one, I thought I should bite the bullet and just learn to knit already. I've watched the videos, it's time to buy the needles and just go for it. I will. I'm looking forward to it.

Wishing: I had more time and energy. I'm really bad at managing my time and just being not too consumed by my work that I forget everything else. I can't seem balance things and I just want to make sure that i finally get this right. I've been working for almost six years now and it's always something that consumes me completely. I need to re-calibrate and be okay with walking away. I don't know. We'll see.

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