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12 of 12: Lots of naps, food and surprise visits

Sundays are usually very very chill days for me but this one started with the tail end of my Saturday night out with a Filipino colleague who decided we needed to attend a Bastille Day event. I don't even speak french but there was cheese and wine and a pretty good band, so my Saturday night spilled very very slightly into Sunday early morning and then it was all chill from there.

Let's be real, I'm made for chill days. Who am I really kidding here?

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    01. 12:00am, Southbridge
    Don't be fooled, this was the tail end of the night after eating cheese and having champagne, us oldies decided to leave the original venue and go somewhere we could breathe and hear each other. And what a great view.

    02. 12:15am, Clarke Quay
    And here we are on the way back to find a cab to take us home because we've stayed up way past bedtime. Still not over how safe I feel here and how unafraid I am at this time of night. Let this novelty of a feeling never end.

    03. 01:30am, My bedroom
    And I'm back in bed watching some Broad City before heading to bed. With this and Inside Amy Schumer, I kind of want to work for Comedy Central now. These things just crack me up way too much.

    04. 09:00am, Ranggung LRT Station
    Technically I'm at the bus stop and the beauty of living between two churches is if I wake up late (like today), I can choose between the 9am mass (up north) and the 915 mass (down south). Clearly, I've been to the 915 one way too much lately.

    05. 10:30am, Punggol Park
    I took a nice detour through the park after mass and didn't realise there was so much happening from people doing Tai Chi to this nice little man-made lake inside. I should definitely get my running shoes back on and do something here.

    06. 12:00pm, my bedroom
    And because I'm too lazy too stand up, it was back to bed for me and catching up on my magazines. I hate how Zinio always tempts me with these sales. I've subscribed too way too many magazines and I still want more. I guess the former job did influence me a bit.

    07. 12:45pm, Happy Hawkers
    So I live in the middle of four hawker centers (aka food courts) and this was the one nearest home. I've never tried the pork rice in this stall (I walk to another hawker for my usual one) bu this one wasn't bad at all.

    08. 01:00pm, the living room
    And it's time for some Charmed re-watching (the effects are so bad but it's so good) while I have my lunch. I am so spoiled to be in a house with Netflix. I swear, I'm so happy for this little piece of heaven that is the couch and the TV.

    09. 01:45pm, the hallway?
    This is the view from up high down to the ground floor. I'm not the biggest fan of heights so it's still weird for me living in a place that doesn't just have two floors and is close to the ground. I am not used to being too high.

    10. 06:30pm, Sengkang East Avenue
    clearly, the gap between 1:45 and now was a nap to which I'm awakened by my brother calling me and asking what I'm doing for dinner. THIS IS WEIRD. My brother is never available on a weekend as he's always working so I wake up and wait for them because they've come to my neighbourhood. Double weird.

    11. 07:30pm, The other hawker up north
    And so we have an awesomely affordable dinner together, my sister, brother and I and it's so weird being all together for dinner. Despite living in the same country, everyone's always doing their own thing so having us all together like this (without the parents) is a miracle. And I'm glad.

    12. 11:45pm, the living room
    And because I have truffle gouda and my last Rekorderlig in the fridge, I decided to finish the day/weekend with some cheese, more Netflix and my last sponsored alcoholic drink. Thanks jamypye for getting me this wonderful drink.

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