Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Californiaaaaaaa, Here We Come

My cousin is getting married in the beginning of September and I haven't booked my tickets just yet. I can imagine this would be a pricey venture because I have to book tickets (and pay my insurance in August) and just generally shell out money I don't usually want to. But i haven't been to California since 2009 and this is clearly the perfect excuse.

But, I'm seriously just so jacked to take a break and to see cousins I haven't seen or my brother (if he has time to see me) and just want to do this that the money thing is something I'm not even that worried about right now. It's more the leaves and logistics, but I'll figure that out eventually.

It seems though that Vancouver is out of the question just because I don't have enough days to begin with. So perhaps another time. Still, it's been fun to go on airbnb and look at places and see and cheapest flights and bus tickets because i don't want to spend again on a flight from SFO to LAX but maybe it'll be better considering I don't have much time.

but the possibility! I'm excited at the possibility! And I might as well use the US visa I got from my last job to the fullest and hope I can get another one renewed by the time it expires and that I have enough money left to survive when I get back from this vacation, but it'll all work itself out. It has to, right?

I hope I'm not jinxing this by talking about it so instead, I'm claiming it. This will happen. And what's everyone else looking forward to in the next days/weeks/months? Here's to July treating us well.
Tags: travel, vacation
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