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Best of: June 2015

We are done with one half of the year. I'm still mind blown. I can't believe it's gone by this quickly. I have yet to say, I'm still trying on those goals I set earlier in the year and though I'm nowhere near completely done with any of them, I'm glad I'm sort of at least getting on them a bit.

All in all, June was pretty crazy with me taking on a new-ish role (in the same company) and just generally killing myself trying to fill in the awesome shoes of the girl who left to be with her duke (i'm not even kidding) and just hoping I'm not totally fucking up all of this. Clearly, work has taken on a more central place in my life again and I don't know if I like it that way, but I'm going to try to not let it get as nuts as before. Try being the operative word.

But this is a best of entry and so I will ignore my semi-negativity and just focus on the good stuff. Because there's always good stuff. Always.

Best part of June had to be my parents coming over and visited us for around four days. I do consider myself extremely close to my mom and dad (which may be weird for some but is totally the norm for me) and I was so happy to see them even for a bit. And flying my little sister in as a surprise was even better because it just felt like we were a bit more complete -- we missed my two brothers though.

It was tiring as hell though. Going out and eating out everyday for four days straight took a toll on my body and I honestly don't know if I'm fully recovered weeks later. I've also been very remiss on my exercise ever since my phone died (and though I've replaced it, I still haven't gotten to it) so I'm going to try to get back on track with that even if it's just walking for now.

June also had me socialising a lot -- whether it was with my parents, siblings or my brother's girlfriend's family -- I'm slowly getting more social than I was during the past few months and it's fun but also tiring. Look at the ISFJ in me just begging for some alone time, but it's ok. Once in a while is good.

I've also been more people-person-y lately with Risa (my ex-officemate/college-mate/high school-mate and general friend) came over to for a couple of days and hung out one afternoon. I used to spend 5 days a week, 8 hours a day or more with this girl and then nothing so hanging out for a while was fantastic. We pretended to go to Universal even if we really just had a snack and dinner in the vicinity.

I've been making friends and hanging out with some people in the office as well and Sayaka has taken me under her wing and just been extremely nice to me. I took advantage of her house-decorating trip to IKEA to eat some meatballs even if I was totally back there with my parents a couple days later. One cannot have enough meatballs, clearly.

I've also gotten closer to people on my floor, April and Amanda and QP who are the funniest girls who are now teaching me all the local slang that I still don't understand. It's just nice to find people my age since I feel oldish. They've been very nice to me. I like it.

On the last few days of June, I ended up going out for an entire day -- starting with brunch with Marrah from Manila. It was lovely to see her again and chat with someone from back home and just generally be out on a Saturday morning when I'm usually in bed sleeping. Then that evening, I ended up at a Beerfest with Sayaka and her boyfriend, Bambos and though it felt more like a music festival with beer, it was fun -- expensively fun.

How is everyone? How were your June's? Tell me about it. Can we make the second half of the year slow down a tad in the good times and just speed up when it's terrible? Yes? Okay.

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