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This entry covers everything and nothing at the same time

  • #LoveWins. I'm so happy that the Marriage Equality Act was finally passed. My uncle and his partner for 20+ years were able to get married a year or so back in NYC but at least now, it's for everyone everywhere. Seeing all the wonderful reactions online makes me have so much more hope for everything.

    Not just the cute avatars everyone's having now (but also he rainbow heart that automatically appears when you use the hashtag #LoveWins on Twitter) but the people who's lives are touched and will be affected by this. It makes me so incredibly happy.

  • In other news, I hope we don't get a lot of LOVES when Wimbledon finally rolls around. I love me some tennis, though I barely talk about it, and wimbledon is my favourite of the grand slams for obvious British reasons and it's funny how #LoveWins is trending so much now. I hope that I get to catch as many matches as I can.

    it actually looks pretty bleak for Andy but I always have high hopes for him at the beginning and I'm technically on anyone's team that makes it just because I love seeing everyone in their tennis whites all proper. I also wonder if Kate and William (come on Harry) will make an appearance at the Royal box this year. Can they take George? Clearly, priorities.

  • I just found out that on June 30, ticket sales for Taylor Swift in Singapore go live and I'm annoyed I don't own an American Express because then I would have been able to buy tickets in advanced. I don't know if I'm watching with anyone or if my little sister can come along but I'm buying myself a ticket at the stroke of midnight. I cannot let this pass.

    I'm still not over the fact that i missed Ed Sheeran when he came here. Tickets went on sale when I was in Japan in clearly, i was not paying attention to the world outside Japan. But now, I have no excuses. I have been warned and I will get my tickets. Can everyone send me good vibes please? I need this to happen.

  • Also, I started crocheting my brother a scarf after he asked me to make him one. Just a background -- one of my brothers is based on California now and though it's not normally a winter wonderland there, we do come from a tropical country and apparently, it gets cold in California too around the holidays so I've made it my mission to make him a scarf before the BER-months roll around.

    Initially, I was going to learn to knit to make him one but then I had already bought thread and my crochet needles had arrived thanks to my mom so I decided to just crochet him one. I did watch a couple of YouTube videos for knitting and I think I'm going to try that one right after. So that's been fun. I will conquer knitting this year, I promise.

  • And I know i've been the worst LJ friend ever, so I tried my best to catch-up on everyone, but if there's anyone I missed out on, just holler and I will head on over to you right away. I hope everyone had a good weekend. And that the next week brings us not too bad a work week, yes? Positivity, win.
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