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12 of 12: When I spent half the day at work and the other half with my parents

So the most awesome thing happened on this edition of my 12th day of the month. My parents came over to Singapore for a visit! It's been 2 years since they visited my siblings here and now that I'm here, all the more another reason to come over and play. Friday was their first official day (they got in before midnight of Friday) and I decided I would take a half day off from work to be their unofficial chaperone.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
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  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
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    01. 09:00am, Sengkang
    I should be at work by 9am (or before 10, really) but with my parents coming in quite late, I got home at 2am and totally forgot to take photos of my parental arrival! So instead, this is me rushing to work but not quite rushing because I still took a photo of the path to the MRT station.

    02. 09:10am, Buangkok MRT
    I will never stop being in awe at how efficient the transportation system is here. Coming from 27 years of suckiness in the mean streets of Manila, I'm just so thankful to be in a high functioning transportation system. Forever grateful, man.

    03. 10:30am, Sayaka's desk
    My team mate Sayaka and I went over some report stuff. But let me tell you about her. She's the sweetest girl ever and I'm so glad that we're team mates (and friends). She's taken me under her wing and just helped me navigate work during my first couple of weeks. Time to return the favour.

    04. 12:00pm, Pantry
    So my parents gave me a box of pastillas de leche (a Spanish-inspired Filipino desert) which is basically diabetes waiting to happen. So i decided to share some with my colleagues as clearly, I shouldn't (though I could) finish an entire box to myself. They seemed to enjoy it, I think.

    05. 01:30pm, Capitol Piazza
    And now I'm off from work and heading to lunch with my parents at the new mall near my sister's place of work. After rushing a couple of emails and wrapping things up, I took the MRT to just one station away and met up with the parents. And yes, this is a shameless outfit shot in their swanky restrooms.

    06. 02:45pm, Hill Street
    And hello, these are my parents! They arrived to not so sunny weather in Singapore which for me, is so much better, but they had to lug around umbrellas. Not a bad deal though. At least it's not excruciatingly hot. This is us walking to the Japanese-themed mall I wanted to show them. Yes, I was still checking work emails, but that's just me and my paranoia. At least we were together.

    07. 03:30pm, Clarke Quay Underpass
    Technically, were were in some underpass near Clarke Quay but I'm not sure if that's the name, but the point is it was painted with really pretty murals so given my parents tourist inclinations, I thought why not, here's a better shot of them being all tourist-y against a pretty underpass wall.

    08. 4:30pm, Meidi-Ya Supermarket
    Then we walked around Liang Court and of course landed at the Japanese grocery where my mom was unfortunately rushed but at least she was able to buy some goodies. I'm sure if I took her there at opening time, she would have stayed till closing, but alas time constraints.

    09. 06:00pm, my siblings place
    Now it's nap time. My parents, are admittedly getting older and can no longer do long stretches of going out without taking mid-day naps or resting at home. And so we headed home before our big dinner and my sister jamypye's bike was out because my dad wanted to use it. It looked nice against their surprisingly immaculately clean house.

    10. 07:30pm, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
    And we're off for dinner with my brother's girlfriend's family. They're a kind bunch and really welcoming. My brother and his girlfriend have been together for quite some time now and we've met the family before but whenever my parents are in town, they like to get together. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

    11. 10:00pm, Riccioti
    This was my view for most of the evening, voluntarily sequestering myself to the children's side of the table while the parents (aka the paying members of this party) talked on the other side. We ordered really good pasta and pizza and starters and clearly, I have been eating a very spartan fare. But when the parents are in town, it's a party. I approve.

    12. 10:30pm, Boat Quay
    That's it for this edition of 12 of 12. This was a really PRIDE-colored bridge that I thought looked nice all lit up at night. It was weird not going home with my family -- given they're all staying together and I was off to my own corner of Singapore but all in all, not a bad first day with the parents in town.

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