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Don't wash your bed sheets when you're hungover

Technically, I wasn't hungover, but i was tired and I had like one drink the night before and I was just nervous/paranoid/stressed about my new role, that I didn't realise I had accidentally laundered my phone.

As i gathered my sheets to wash them, and dumped then in the laundry and pondered aloud to my roommate whether I should add fabric softener, I didn't realise my phone was also with my sheets.

And so by the time I fished it out after ten minutes in the wash -- and my roommate coming by my room as I was getting ready for work -- the phone was beyond saving. I tried everything the internet recommended: dumping it in a bag of rice to absorb the water, keeping it off and then charging it after 36 hours, etc. But alas.

It had been four years with this phone. It had taken me to plenty of places and seen lots of things but I wish it didn't have to go this way. Still, I knew it was time to replace it. It was waaaay slow already but I wish it were on my terms.

So farewell, iPhone 4 (aka Eleven, not that I name my things but apparently, you have to name your devices like when the computer recognises it). It's been a great four years.
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