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Best of: May 2015

May was pretty amazing just because I actually got out a little more and became a little more social. Though I love cooping up in my bedroom or at home, I did take for granted that family and friends were so readily available in Manila. But in a great turn of events, I both got to see family and friends from Manila in May and sort of get new friends in Singapore.

Plus, salaries do help a lot. Having some sort of income has made me go out a bit more than before and eat more (I was subsisting on the bare minimum) and just living a bit more than before. Here's to May.

Work has been interesting. I feel less stupid (still stupid, but less so) and I think I'm getting used to the daily grind of it. I'm happy to be learning so much every day and will probably never get used to calling people my colleagues (rather than office mates) but it's all good.

I'm still not loving my cleaning the bathroom chore. I don't think I ever will but I do love laundry and cleaning the common area is okay. My room is getting slightly messier than before but not to the point of hopelessness and I am exercising a lot more than I ever have in my life (but I'm also hella tired ALL THE TIME).

All in all, I'm really enjoying my time in Singapore. It's so freaking efficient -- and though everyone else calls it boring, I do love boring so we're a good fit, I think.

My favourite Punggol-pair, Jenny and Roy invited me to have Friday night dinner with them which was nice because I rarely have Friday nights out and my sister and cousin were both in Norway for my cousin's wedding which I missed. SO it was nice to hang out with friends near our neighbourhood. I live FAR up North East relative to the city centre so it was nice to hang out somewhere near our hood.

For even smaller world coincidences, my thesis partner, Anna's sister, Dani (pictured top row, centre) invited me to hang out with her at her hood, the lovely Duxton area and we had coffee. I usually drink my coffee with all the milk and sugar, but Dani made me a really good cup black and I actually liked it. I'm glad I have folks to call on in case I want to hang.

Former officemates from Manila were in Singapore for a seminar and it was fantastic that I got to have dinner with Jill and Tracy (pictured) and BA and Chaps (who's based in SG now, too) in Farrer Park. It was nice to hear about the former office and all the crazy stories I do miss.

My other former boss officemate from my first job/friend since high school Tasha and her family were also in town (everyone back home is in Singapore now!) and it was really nice to have lunch with them at Din Tai Fung in Sentosa where we totally faked our Universal Studios photo by the globe. Tasha's son, Resty is so big now and it was his first time in Singapore so he was adorable.

I've been making friends in the office and though Jack had resigned as I got in, he came back to the office for a friendly game of foosball, which I'm very bad at and won't even attempt to play. I've been slowly making friends with people in the office and Nikhil, our analyst is crazy smart and Sayaka is the sweetest team mate ever and Saskia and I aren't even on the same team but we managed to have lunch regularly so that's nice.

Maria, who's also resigning, invited me to a barbecue (which I talked about in my last entry) and I'm so sad she's leaving because she's been fantastic to me so it was nice that we got to hang out for a bit before she leaves.

But what was most awesome about May was that I got to go home! For the first time in five months. I know that isn't much for other folks but for me, that's the longest I've been away from home. I took a leave on Friday and stayed until the holiday on Monday (vesak day). So I was able to attend my parent's wedding anniversary dinner with the family and my brother's girlfriend, Janina. we ate a revolving restaurant and just had a fun time as always.

I was also able to hang out at home even if I have no more room!!! My little sister, Paola was slowly overtaking my older sister's room when she left, making it her work room (complete with sewing machine and mannequins) and keeping our room together as her 'sleeping' place and storage of clothes. My mom was getting sick of the mess in two rooms that she moved my bed to my sister's room and now, Paola only gets to keep one room. I miss my room but it's logical given neither Pamy and I are even there. It was weird not having my bed in my room but I managed.

I also got to attend two of my former officemates/good friends wedding! I arrived on the day of their wedding so I ditched the ceremony and went for the reception and it was beautiful! Yayay and Steph have known each other for like 10 years+ and it was so nice to see them finally married. It's cute cause Yayay works for a fashion website (art director) and Steph works for a car magazine (managing editor) so all of the groom's guests were very well dressed girls and all the bride's guests were men with really really really nice cars. Such a fun time with some of my favourite people.

I also got to hang out with my oldest friends/my barkada from kinder and it was just nice to catch up with Lee-Ann (and her fiancé, Matt), and Iza. We had brunch on a Saturday and it was lovely to see them in person and not talk via instant messaging. These are friends that I can be apart from for the longest time and just pick up right where we left off. Always awesome.

Finally, my trip home ended with 7 hours with the Candy girls. They were so sweet printing a banner welcoming me home and giving me a lei of sampaguita which I bravely wore around the mall -- they were asking me to take it off. But it was just so so so nice to hang out with them again. I was looking back at photos from the past four years of working with them and we hung out a lot (every day) and now, for me, not at all, so these seven hours together were hilarious and really did feel like old times.

I've been terribly late on my TV watching. Like crazy-late. So I've been watching some shows and all but totally late and too many episodes to catch up on. So instead, here are my general thoughts in general.

  • Silicon Valley: This show will forever be entertaining and it doesn't hurt that it's only half an hour long. I really wish they'd succeed more but it's in their failing that we root for them. I still love Jared to bits and want him more -- though it's impossible to do so because he's almost in every scene already. Still, more.

  • Game of Thrones: I'm okay with this season, it's still pretty good but I'm just a little less invested than before. I don't know. Maybe if I'm not rushing to watch it and just savouring it, I'll enjoy it more. I guess knowing they'll be diverging from the books a lot -- but landing at the same ending also gives me mixed feelings. I do like the production design still. I'm still amazed at how much work goes into this show.

  • Penny Dreadful: I've only caught the first two episodes but it's dark and convoluted as always. I find myself rewinding back and forth to remember what happened back in the last scene and I really do need subtitles with this show. Sometimes I just can't understand what they're saying.

  • Halt and Catch Fire: Any time I can get Lee Pace back on my TV is a good reason to watch anything and this show has him in all asshole-y glory. I'm so happy he has better hair this season. I hope things get slightly lighter for everyone because last season was pretty heavy but who am I kidding? This show is drama all the time.

  • iZombie: I'm really really really loving this show even if [Spoiler (click to open)] they killed off BRADLEY FREAKING JAMES but the show has been getting more interesting and this latest development with Liv and people finding out and going missing is getting really good. I'm loving the cast's chemistry and just generally wanting more of this in my life. Also, Ravi needs to be in EVERY scene.

  • Orphan Black: Tatiana Maslany will always blow me away in every scene and though I'm also not as invested in this show as in past seasons, I'm still liking it a lot. This entire Castor storyline is good but I'm just thinking, too many clones. The guy actor is good, but Tatiana > everyone and they need to bring more michiel huisman just because.

  • Outlander: I honestly zone out whenever it's not Jamie and Claire and the last few episodes were truly painful to watch just because things took a turn for the worst with Jamie. Where were the happy sexy times we were promised> I just want that all the time. I know, I should probably just read fic. But this is making me want to read the book just so I won't be so nervous all the time.

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