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Of Not so Sunny Saturdays and Cordoned Of 'Beaches'

So this weekend was pretty unusual for me. Friday night, our boss treated the entire team to a round of drinks in the small place across from the office (like literally ACROSS it) and I've gotten to liking gin and tonics after being introduced to it two weeks back. It was nice to be out in the 'sun' at 530pm having free drinks. How can one say no, yes? I'm not very close to my office mates colleagues (not used to calling them that yet) so it was nice to chat (not about work) and just get excited for the weekend.

Because of drinks, I ended up getting invited to a barbecue on Saturday afternoon (which I thought would be cancelled given it was so un-sunny and quite overcast the whole day -- no it went on). If anyone knows me, it's very difficult to get me out of the house on a weekend unless there is a promise of food (and there was!). Plus, I'm trying to be sociable. I could curl up in bed with a magazine or a book or a movie or a TV show (I can go one here, clearly) but it sounded like fun, so I bought corn and chips and juice and headed over for the barbecue.

And so I trooped over to place of Aldara (a Spanish colleague looks very very cool) with my groceries in tow. Clearly, I'm terrible at small talk with new folks but I winged it and had a pretty good time. The group eventually moved over to Tanjong Beach Club (a very swanky part of Sentosa, Singapore -- for me, at least) for a 'party' that I totally did not realise was a party until I had said yes to it.

So this aftenroon-evening affair is apparently a bi-annual thing that happens and there were a lot of folks. Drinks were of course, ridiculously expensive, but I had pre-gamed enough to not need to drink too much already so instead I had a drink and spent my remaining coupons on A TRUFFLE BURGER because this is how I roll.

Though we were part of a bigger group, I hung out mostly with Maria (my German team mate) and Saskia (my Dutch colleague) who were nice enough to adopt me for the evening. It's funny because they're two very tall, blonde Caucasian women, sandwiching a short, Asian girl. But hey, we survived.

They of course, kept bumping into more folks they knew and so I was introduced to more friends of theirs and was really putting my small talk skills to the test. I passed, barely. I learned a lot about the varying like and dislike of all the expats for many things and how long I should visit a) Berlin, b) Coppenhagen c) insert a country here. The music, was shockingly not as loud as I thought it would be -- i honestly couldn't hear it much and surprise surprise, I saw my brother and his girlfriend.

This shouldn't come as a surprise as he actually lives in Singapore but to see him NOT in the office on a weekend is short of a miracle so it was good. I left him be after my initial freak out. Like the grandma that I am, I left at like 1030 because a) i had already been out of the house for so long (come on guys, I was at a barbecue at 3pm! 7 hours is enough socialising, yes?) and b) can you imagine the cab situation trying to get out of Sentosa given the trains close at 1130??? I didn't want to risk it.

Before I forget, I was told to wear a swimsuit to this party but seeing as I left my swimsuits in Manila, I didn't bother. When we get to the party (at the 'beach'), the shore was cordoned of with a sign "no swimming after 7pm." Clearly, I had a premonition. And so I was home before midnight like the good girl that i am but clearly pleased with myself for dragging my ass out of the house in the first place. Baby steps.

Which then brings us to Sunday where I was lucky to spend it in our hood up North East. I woke up so late that I had to go to an 11am mass which I'm not a big fan of because it's more crowded and the sun is tooooo hot when i get out. But the rest of the day was spent catching up on all my non-work check lists (reading magazines, watching TV shows, playing games -- you know, fun stuff that I have a check list for because I do).

I wish the weekend were a bit longer but I can't complain as this week will be shorter for me when I finally get to fly back to Manila for a bit! I hope it all goes smoothly. How is everyone? Tell me about your weekends!
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