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So let me start off by apologising for being the worst friend ever. I'm usually way better than this but then again, i'm comparing my LJ-skills to now and unemployment so clearly, I need to find a middle ground. I'm going to try, guys, Let's cross our fingers.

In other news, TV finale season is upon us and honestly, I'm very tired from saying goodbye and to things being sad on TV but at least the upfront showed us so much potential and I'm excited once more for the new crop of shows I will try, and give up on and those I will love.

Loving: #TayVin. I didn't see myself obsessing this hard but my enabler friends (glasswinged ahem) supply me with wonderful tweets and instagram photos and just general happiness I can check in bite-sized formats in the middle of a workday. So what i love is how they're both the best version of themselves (in terms of looks and perhaps careers) right now and they found love in a hopeless place! It doesn't hurt that Calvin's abs are CRAZy but all that pDA at the Billboard Awards and the public dates gives me so much hope for love. Let this last Taylor. Let this last.

Crushing On: The Royal Family? So I was literally obsessed and up all night and all day just looking at William, Kate and George and CHARLOTTE. It's crazy how this obsession has gotten. Is it possible to crush on an entire family? I think so. I feel so thrilled that this is the royal family of our generation. They're going to be such a gorgeous little family -- they already are. I need more Cambridge in my life (and thus the reason I've been MIA as I spend spare minutes trolling Tumblr for anything on them). I crush hard. Very hard.

Reading: I know I raved about it already but The Royal We deserves another Royal Mention just because it's probably one of my most favourite books of the year. AND WAIT FOR IT... OF ALL TIME. Like it's the perfect book. I'm hyping it and over hyping it but my love for it knows no bounds. In other book news, I also read Gretchen Rubin's book Better than Before and it's a nice habit-forming lifehacker kind of book and I liked it, but that's because I totally relate to her. I didn't realise.

Also, I ended up semi-crying on the train on the way to work while reading all the dad-daughter scenes in Second Chance Summer. The Henry bits were cute and lovey but the dad bits? Devastating and heartbreaking. i'm a sucker for a good YA. Someone please recommend me more.

Watching: Other than all the finales. My thoughts in a phrase because you know I'm too lazy and too emotionally invested but drained from all this ending.
  • Mad Men: I'm glad they finished on that note. Some expected, some not at all but pleasantly surprised for sure.
  • Royals: THIS IS CLEARLY A TRASH SHOW THAT GOT SO SERIOUS SO QUICKLY but I can't not watch Eleanor spiral downwards and get turned off by Jaspuhhhh's American accent. Can we just show these two characters all the time? Ophelia, no thank you.
  • Jane the Virgin: It is a telenovela after all. I just wanted a moment of happiness and safety but i guess we can't all rest easy.
  • Agents of SHIELD: Clearly NOT ENOUGH WARD. I CAN'T STRESS HOW I AM NOT IMPRESSED. I hope they show more of him next season. #StandWithWard STILL. Also, I need more Jemma, Skye and Melinda. Basically bring me back to happier times.
  • Arrow: So I was very out of touch with this entire Legends of Tomorrow business but I'm happy we literally got a driving off into the sunset even for just a bit. I am selfish and will need more Olicity love though. Way more.
  • Scandal: I like Tony Goldwyn. I think he is hot as hell. But i was team Jake there. I'm glad we have Olivia and Fitz on the same page/balcony for once but we all know this isn't going to last. So let them enjoy their Vermont. I prefer to stand in the sun.
  • iZombie: Not yet the finale but clearly we need more Ravi and MORE LOWELL. Bring him back, people. This is not a drill.
  • Game of Thrones: is just so visually pretty. I can't even. I feel for Sansa though. cCut this girl some slack please.
  • Orphan Black: in the same way I need more Ward, I also need more Michiel Huisman and more Allison because she is the cutest soap seller/drug dealer.
  • Outlander: So i admit I'm not paying attention like literally whenever Jamie or Claire aren't on screen but it's been a pretty sad, painful past couple of episodes. Someone give me happiness and sexy times!

    Listening to: So Spotify has been shuffling songs for me and though some of these aren't new at all, they're very very fun and catchy. Like when I was jogging, Eric Hutchinson's A Little More</i> came on I literally felt a surge for running -- which NEVER happens. And you can always count on Jason Derulo and Want to Want Me when I'm pretending to prepare for a night out with friends, when what's really happening is me in my bedroom preparing to enter the living room to have my date with Netflix. But we can pretend, right?

    I'm also very very late to the Jessie Ware train but Say You Love Me is haunting and beautiful and painful and just longing. Like I am, all the time (for phantom relationships, clearly). For more depression, given I didn't get to go to my cousin's Norwegian wedding, I instead listened to Swedish songstress, Beatrice Eli's Trust Issues and again pine pine pine. Why must these women haunt me with their voices?

    Planning: rekindling friendships and making new ones. Lately I've been able to get in touch with a friend from college who blipped out of our lives with nary a trace. In the age of social media, we thought we'd be able to track her down but to no avail. And this past week, we got reconnected via PINTEREST of all places. So I'm definitely going to be making sure we stay in touch.

    I'm also trying to form friendships here with sisters of friends from college who are in Singapore and team mates and office mates close to my age and also just sweet and nice to me. I have a really sweet teammate who's been guiding me and just listening to me ramble and another office mate who's gotten me into a yoga class. More on that later. So I'm hoping I can form real friendships here.

    Working on: My fitness. So I tried this Nike+ Running COACH which is technically supposed to prepare me for a 5K that I actually don't have. But it's running and walking and cross-training (I do yoga now guys. Once a week. WHO IS THIS PERSON?!) and I'm honestly tired all the time -- I am so unfit but I have no more excuses. It is so safe I can jog at midnight around the neighbourhood and be okay. So let's hope this all brings me good results.

    Anticipating: Going back to Manila for a friend's wedding and my parent's wedding anniversary and also a long weekend in Singapore. It'll be five months since I was back home and this is clearly the longest I've been away from home. I'm not too too homesick but I do have my moments of longing and loneliness. So these four days should be pretty amazing. I have declared them to be so.

    Wishing: someone could just decide for me. I'm horrible with decision making and something came up at work and I'm literally pondering switching to another role that has suddenly freed up and offered to me. I'm still ping-pong-ing back and forth and I've made my pros and cons list and I'm just so on the fence with everything which means I should be happy either way, right? But Mareng Sheryl Sandberg (RIP to her husband, so heartbreaking) told me to lean in, so I'm going to see where this takes me. Please send me good vibes.

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