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12 of 12: when I tried to show variety in my very routine-office day

Oh look! I'm alive. Sort of. Things have been pretty busy for me what with me seeing actual people from Manila visiting and then also trying to catch up on work (and I'm still behind on TV!!!) and doing healthy things like yoga and running and so I've been remiss on my LJ-ing but I'm here and I will catch up with everyone, I promise. For now, I present my first of many (hopefully) regular office days because you know that's where we spend most of our days.

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    01. 01:06am, my bedroom
    I'm so happy that I finally got to ask my boss for a day off and so I booked the cheapest ticket I could find home for the long weekend at the end of the month! I have friends getting married and it's also my parents wedding anniversary so it's nice to go home. I know I've only been away in January but it'll feel good to come home.

    02. 08:29am, my room
    I'm late! I usually wake up earlier than this but I went out the night before with ex-office mates from Manila and I stayed too late and had too much fun and thus the later morning. This is the view from my window in the other direction. I can see the LRT right from my room.

    03. 08:56am, KPE
    in an attempt to get to work at a decent hour, I took a cab and not just any normal cab, a limo cab because those were the only ones available. It hurt the wallet quite a bit but at least I got to work on time-ish even if I woke up extremely later than usual. This will teach me to just wake up on time.

    04. 10:26am, my desk
    Oh look! I'm working on a report. I do a few reports and today was the weekly report day so I started generating and putting them together as early as I can just so I'm not doing it all day. I'm not used to have such a big desk but I'm surprised to find I'm not so bothered with the lack of cubicles. Hello open office plan.

    05. 1:05pm, Bangkok Jam
    A fellow Filipino colleague took me to lunch and we had Thai food! I was worried it was going to be spicy but it wasn't! It was pretty amazing Pad Thai that wasn't spicy. Obviously this means this new dish is going in the rotation of things I eat for lunch at the office.

    06. 3:04pm, the pantry
    As silly as this sounds, I'm so glad that we have coffee in the pantry. It's far from a Google-esque office perk but I'm quite easy and this is my go-to in the mornings and mid-afternoon when I know I want to doze off again. I swear, consider me spoiled.

    07. 3:05pm, the pantry
    I can't play foosball to save my life -- literally so this has little value to me but everyone else in the office seems to love this and it's nice to hear happy screaming on break or in the late afternoon to evenings.

    08. 4:36pm, elevator
    In an attempt to show you more of the outdoors, I went down for a snack but I didn't make it past the elevators as I realised I had to do something and then forgot all about the snack. but the elevator was empty so you can see me in a dress my parents bought for me. Thank you, parents.

    09. 08:24pm, the hallway
    I decided to go home and do my jog before meeting up with friends. Take note, I live FAR from the city so this perhaps wasn't the smartest idea but I needed to run (no, I didn't want to but I'm trying out this Nike+ Running program and so far, I'm on schedule so I couldn't cheat). And this is the view from our floor if you look down.

    10. 09:54pm, Pinnacle@Duxton
    Who is this person??? I can't believe I actually went through with meeting up with friends. Had I been home and after a run and a shower, I would have been so tempted to just crawl into bed and sleep but no, I actually took the MRT all the way down to the city and met up with friends. No regrets, it was fun but I'm still shocked.

    11. 11:30pm, Pinnacle@Duxton
    And how could I regret it? Free booze, amazing ice cream cookies and fantastic company! I'm so happy to see people from back home here and just to hang out and chill and talk to others is something I've taken for granted so much. Here's to more nights like this.

    12. 12:20am,KPE
    Technically it's already the 13th but let's pretend here. I needed this illustrate something so UNUSUAL for me. I don't usually take cabs -- moreover two in one day. I swear, who is this person who thinks she has enough money for cabs! But really, I'm just glad this day was way more varied in activities than the usual. Until next month.

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