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But if you needed it then, you might need it again; If it could happen once it could happen twice

I've been working for almost a month now and though it's just been a month, it's been both really fast and really slow. I'm definitely not used to being the new girl anymore and it's taking time for me to learn things and I feel like there's always so much more to learn. I feel so behind on everything -- like everyone is lightyears away from me and I'll forever be catching up. But that's just me.

other than that, I'm okay, in general. There are moments when I'm a little antsy and want so many things but then I just pop on the TV and I'm ok again. More on the TV later. I guess I'm still getting used to life away from home. I find that doing my laundry is a good way to de-stress and I like cleaning up. It's crazy because there isn't much to clean in the room.

I also signed up for yoga! There's a studio right next to our office and I thought, why not? One of my officemates whom I met during our little HR induction, Saskia referred the place to me when we had lunch and my body still hurts from the first session but it's a good kind of hurt. I probably need this anyway.

I honestly don't know why I'm so down or just blah lately. Other than the paranoia over work, I guess it does get a tad lonely. Thank goodness for the internet and keeping in touch with friends back home, but I know that I would like to make friends here, too. It'll take time for sure. I didn't particularly think I was a clingy person but I guess it's normal to miss seeing folks back home.

But I'm fine. I'm fine. I have to keep repeating this to myself until I will it back to existence. Maybe it's just a funk. I'm still eternally grateful for this experience and I should dwell on the positive rather than the tiny negatives that shouldn't even be blown way out of proportion. these are all self-inflicted dramas after all. Was I vague or was I vague?

I started watching Friday Night Lights and re-watching Charmed just because it's there and I'm having a lot of fun. I've never seen FNL in it's entirety and I now see the reason why everyone loves it. COACH TAYLOR IS VERY HOT. Like everyone else is a blur to Coach Taylor. I just want more Coach. All the time.

Also interesting that i've seen Scott Porter's career backwards. When I saw him on Hart of Dixie, I had no idea of his previous work. Then I caught The Good Wife and saw his investigator role and now FNL with his bigger role. My goodness, who knew?

  • Arrow 3x21-22: these past few episodes have been insane, but this latest one was just off the charts crazy. Obviously they can't kill the entire cast so I'm not too scared about everyone collapsing but I don't know how Ollie will get out of this marriage. I didn't see the Malcom Merlin bit coming so hopefully he has more tricks up his sleeve. Also, so happy that Thea got her game on with Roy. And Roy looks incredibly handsome with that scruff. yes, please.

  • Orphan Black 3x3 This show gets more nuts and though I want more Michiel Huisman, the gods are not on my side. They are however granting us another season so I'm happy about that. Alison and Donnie and the drugs are probably my favourite storyline right now because Alison and drugs just feels so right. She's adorable forever.

  • Outlander 1x13 I know Jamie's coming back, because he has to but I feel for Clare having to miss him and pine for him and worry. Also, his sister is annoying but she has her uses. I just want Jamie and Clare to be happy in their own little love bubble where they can play house and husband and wife and everything be okay. Is it too much to ask?

  • Madam Secretary 1x22 I can't believe this was the finale. I'm happy for Stevie though I feel bad for her boss and him telling her to please act normal. That hurt. I'm happy we get another season of this. I wasn't sure if it was strong enough to have a pick-up but I'm glad it did.

  • The Royals 1x08 I totally was hoping for a fluffier episode but this was intense and heavy. I'm still not a fan of the lead girl (and I will keep repeating this until she's managed to convince me otherwise but I doubt it) and I miss the fluffy show we used to have. Why so dramatic with all this referendum business. Let's do crazy and lavish again.

  • Jane the Virgin 1x21 Well at least Jane's changed her mind on the custody situation and I'm glad she and Rafael worked together against Petra (though I do feel bad for her, I didn't actually feel she was pining this whole time). I see Jane's feelings for Michael are coming back and I'm happy for her but again this is probably rushing back into something. I do get why everyone's Team Michael - he's adorable.

  • iZombie 1x08 THIS SHOW KEEPS GETTING MORE AWESOME WITH NAKED BRADLEY JAMES and this episode was so hilarious with the love advice and the sexing and Ravi being interested in Liv's friend (AND BEING SO CUTE) so I'm so glad this is getting another season as well. Go CW, make good choices, please.

  • Agents of SHIELD 2x20 I'm scared now. I feel like everything's going to fall apart and not only do we get too little Ward, we're also going to have a divided SHIELD with Skye separated from them because of a lie. I don't like this one bit. Please someone write me fluff so I can just have the gang happy and hanging out and just okay. HOLD ME SOMEONE

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