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Best of: April 2015

Quarter 2 started with a bang for me, starting work and moving out of my sibling's place and coming back in from Bangkok. At the same time was incredibly slow but also fast. I kept thinking, it's only still April? But then also realising, holy moly it's already April. And though I'm still getting used to everything, I'm also incredibly excited about everything.

The commute to and from work has been a dream and if only for that, I feel like I can do anything. I'm still trying to grasp everything and trying to learn as quickly as I can but all in all, I'm still on a high on the novelty of it all (the job, living alone, living in Singapore) so I hope this feeling lasts.

So I moved in up North East (away from the city center) and slightly farther than my sister and brother's place but I like it. It's quiet and very suburban and just chill. My first weekend, my ex-officemates/roommates took me to IKEA so I could buy a couple of things. I wanted so many things but I wasn't exactly earning just yet so instead I limited myself to the bare essentials.

I started working in April, too. I now work for an e-commerce company that's technically a start-up but has a shitload of funding so they're expanding and I hope I'm soaking in as much as I can because I honestly feel like the dumbest person in the room -- all the time. But it's ok! Because that just means I'm learning.

My sister and I have been going to each other's places alternate weeks to watch the last episodes of Mad Men together. She's also been cooking for me -- pasta and whatever else she can do and I am liking it, a lot. Who can say not to a free meal anyway? I still cannot cook to save my life.

Pamy was also sweet enough to buy me booze -- a lot of it. its_elaine introduced me to Rekorderlig when we saw each other in London back in 2012 and I've only had it once again in Singapore only t have my source disappear. So it was nice of Pamy to introduce me to a new flavour. And now I can have 1 (or 10) bottles in the fridge. This is also the only thing in my compartment in the fridge. I need to do groceries eventually.

So I live with Mark and Barb (my ex-officemates/non-newlyweds) and Kara and Arianne (teachers who I never quite see because they're always in their room). But one Sunday, I wake up late for dinner and I see that they've cooked and left some for me. Really sweet.The roommates are always feeding me which is a good thing. I feel so touched. Plus, pancakes on a Sunday morning? I swear, it feels like Manila.

I went to watch Incendies with my sister and her friends Jenny and Benji and it was a beautiful though depressing movie. We caught it at this very hipster-like cinema called The Projector and they had that thing like in the movie, Only You! I wish it told me to find Damon Bradley.

At work, they also let all the new hires do this induction thing where they talk about the company and introduce the bosses and all that jazz. But they also took us to the warehouse where they store all the merchandise and we experienced picking and packing orders. It was tiring but surprisingly fun.

I ended April on a high note, seeing Reggie after forever. We had dinner and drinks (which turned out to be quite the expense) but it was great to see her and catch up and just hang out with someone from back home. I don't mind more visitors at all.

I'm also a little more caught-up with TV now (thank you for the long weekend) and I'm thinking of dropping some shows as well. I just did let go of Revenge and now it's being cancelled so perhaps it's time to purge a bit more on the usual shows. Plus, I've been bingeing on old TV shows on Netflix, but I'm still watching a couple.

  • Arrow 2x20-21 So I've seen the past two episodes and though I'm not the biggest fan of them going in this direction I'm glad we finally got some Olicity loving. It didn't feel as great a pay-off as I was hoping for but I'm not going to complain. At least we finally get to it. How are they going to end this season, I don't know.

  • Scandal 4x20 So this is crazy town all over again and I just want Jake to be okay. I literally don't care about anything else right now other than Jake going back to the island and being okay. At this point, it doesn't even have to be Olivia. I just want him unbloody and happy and just not dead on a table.

  • Outlander 1x12 I honestly don't remember anything else that happens in this episode because I'm not over Jamie without his clothes in the river. I don't know. I had to screenshot that and watch it over and over. And did we actually see Jack Randall's dick? Because I honestly wasn't sure. Although Jamie's sister can be annoying, she served her purpose. Again, Jamie. Naked. What a body.

  • Mad Men 7x11 I can't believe we're nearing the end and I can't believe that the agency is finally dissolved. I'm a little sad and this makes me so sad that it's all winding down. The defeat in their eyes (especially Joan's) when McCann just laid it out for them really crushed me.

  • The Royals 1x07 After reading The Royal We, I've been craving anything with royalty so I actually paid way more attention this episode than in the past and my goodness the actress for Eleanor looks like a young Liz Hurley which is amazing casting on their end. ALSO JOAN COLLINS AS THE GRANDMOTHER was priceless. I've realised I must turn my brain off when I watch this show and it will be glorious. I wonder if the King is legit dead or just injured because that would fix the referendum problem. You can't have a show called the Royals without royalty, right?

  • Jane the Virgin 1x20 And more than breaking up, Jane wants sole custody of the baby. It is a telenovela so I guess they have to bring in more drama. We've come full circle with Jane running back to Michael and Petra wanting to rekindle the flame with Rafael. I don't mind, really. I just hope we don't keep going in circles.

  • iZombie 1x07 I'm enjoying this show waaaaay too much and I really liked how they infuse freshness to the characters with every brain they consume. Gay!Bradley James is adorable and motherly!Liv was cute. They are an adorable couple. I don't know when/how they'll break them up if Major is Liv's end game but I'm enjoying this for now. Also, the chief is a zombie!!! That was a nice reveal. He's also the tannest zombie ever.

  • Agents of SHIELD 2x19 So here's the thing. I watched the Avengers: Age of ULtron a week before I saw this episode so it was more like a backtrack for me but it was fun. And it was fun to see the entire gang together again even for just a bit. I don't know how they're going to go forward now. All I know is I want more Ward with Skye and more Skye with her parents and more happy times for everyone.

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