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Of life traps and life goals

I was supposed to come hang out on LJ around Friday night but then I got sucked in to the book I was reading. Ever since I read about The Royal We by the Fug Girls (aka Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks), I knew I would love it. how could I not? The premise had royalty, romance and a vague William-Kate-ness about it. And well, it lived up to the hype in my mind. because I have done nothing but devour this book and countless YouTube videos of Will/Kate/George all weekend.

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I loved the fictionalised world the Fug Girls drew up of Nick and Bex and how they met, became friends, fell in love and the long road to the end. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but it made me feel so many giddy feelings that I ended up watching whatever I could get my hands on on the royal family. I'm basically shaking and crying in a corner after I finished the book.

When Kate gives birth to a boy (please let it be), I will re-read this book and comfort myself in knowing happily ever afters do happen even if there's lots of hard work in between to get there. The side characters (hello, Freddie -- aka as Harry aka my #lifegoal -- and Cillia and Gaz!) are loveable and the 'insider' look into the life of royalty felt very real and the cost of that life was just so painful and yet so beautiful. that's the kind of ~look into royalty I'd like.

Though of course, not to smack Royals on E! because that is my crack. It's so far-fetched from being real that it has it's own reality that makes me laugh so much. I love how mindless I feel. Meanwhile, I'm craving anything Cambridge now. Someone please read this book and squee with me because my housemates think I"ve gone crazy YouTube-ing videos in the dark and crying or cackling and cooing to myself.

In other new, my family did a major Skype video call session this weekend and it was nice to see everyone or hear everyone after a bit. Things can get rowdy with six different screens on. My siblings in their place in Singapore, myself (joining the game late since I woke up at 1pm because of staying up till 3am reading the damn book), my dad in the OR in Manila or coming out of the OR, my brother in Los Angeles and my mom, brother and sister back home in Manila. It was pretty rowdy and fun and just all around very nice and fuzzy. I don't know how often it can happen but I'm glad it did. Oh technology.

I'm convincing everyone in the family who hasn't taken the Briggs-Meyers test to take it and I myself, have only taken it recently so it was such a nice waker-upper to getting to know myself. Most of what I found out, was really just an affirmation of what I knew of myself, but it was a nice insightful thing. .

People find it hard to believe i'm an introvert but I really am and the ISFJ fits me so perfectly. Apparently, a lot of my close friends are also ISFJ so I suppose we've all gravitated together. Meanwhile, my sister is an ENFP (my total opposite) which really makes sense to me. My sister then asked us to take the LifeTrap and it's basically a series of questions that determines what issues you could be facing from childhood and I thought mine was pretty darn telling and real, too.

I got VERY STRONG ones for Pessimism, Failure, Unrelenting standards and Subjugation and it's very interesting to me that the ones I ranked STRONG in were very much related to those above. Now to do something about these, of course. But hey, self-awareness is the first step, I suppose. But it's pretty interesting. I love taking things like these. I don't know if that's just me. but give it a shot.

Finally, of course, there's TV to discuss though to be honest, I haven't seen Arrow or anything after that because again, I was reading and caught up in a royal romance, so forgive me, I'm still behind on stuff but I did get some in.

  • Royals 1x06 -- this is getting more ridiculous by the minute and the house party was sensational. I'm still not loving the lead girl and after reading the Royal We, I know we can do a good American love story, so there's that. I felt bad for the King especially with the entire flowers bit. Oh well, this should be interesting. I like the 'bad' sister and the Liam minus the lead girl but we can't win it all.

  • Jane the Virgin 1x19 -- I knew they had to be broken up but it sucked that it to turn out this way. At least Team Michael has a fighting chance and well, I'm just along for the ride. Rogelio was his adorable self, performing and declaring love and and just being an all around A+ character. I need more of him especially now that we won't be getting much Rafael/Jane.

  • iZombie 1x06 -- This was probably the episode I've enjoyed most since the pilot just because I was pretty into the mystery plot and just seeing Liv really live and enjoy~ the zombie-ness for a bit. Plus, I didn't know we'd be getting more Bradley James more so I'm so happy we get more of him in all his glory. I wish we had more of these. everyone was on their A-Game.

  • Agents of SHIELD 2x18 -- there was waaaaay too little Ward in this one but I'll take what I can get. The entire episode was pretty fun in an awww, this is like the old days (but not) kind of way and I'm glad we finally get the gang sort of working together. Sort of. Anything with Cal and Jiayang was adorable just because I need Skye with her parents more. I want them to bond and be happy and watch movies and cook dinner. This isn't going to happen so someone give me fluff fic please.

    BUT THAT LOOK IN THE END WITH WARD AND SKYE AND COULSON?! I DIED. It was a split second look from Ward, but it totally threw Agent 33 out the window. No offence to her (because I like her) but the kiss thing really threw me off. I guess Ward needs some loving too, but I'm glad they've steered us back to where we al know we belong. I'm obviously sinking with this ship.

    The look Coulson had was heartbreaking just because he could see his daughter so close only for her to be taken away. Again. I can't imagine how he feels. Can we all just rewind to season 1 when things where happier, please? Please?

    Speak of Marvel, I actually managed to catch The Avengers: Age of Ultron and I don't want to spoil anyone since i think it's slowly coming out all over the world but I liked it. A lot. [Spoiler (click to open)]I loved all the humanizing portions and though that probably wasn't too popular with everyone else, I liked the love story (no matter how forced everyone thinks it is) and the family life and the lovely party scenes where everyone's happy and not fighting.. But that's just me. I'm so happy for MCU and all the success they're having.

    So, how is everyone? I can't believe April's almost coming to a close. How are you all???
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