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I Wanna be just like Jo

I'm feeling better now, thanks to Doctora, who let me sleep yesterday afternoon, I was able to recover from that horrible experience. Now, I am able to relax. Sort of. There's nothing much for tomorrow and I'm kind of glad, because now I have no excuse but to review for the stupid SAT's. Considering my ambitions, I should have reviewed a long time ago, but obviously, I have too much faith in myself.

I'm too relaxed. Contrary to what Ms. Economics said, I'm really relaxed. She told me to calm down during the test a while ago, which I totally forgot to study for (because I'm too freaking relaxed). I flunk the stupid test again, for sure. I hate taxation. I hate myself. How can I not understand the stupid lesson. The freaking table was already given. I just don't think analytically enough. So much for bagging that scholarship. Why would they want someone who cant' even manage to compute for the correct taxable income of a married couple???

Oh well, I'm going to try to make up for it somehow. I really don't know how I'm going to manage though. But on a nicer note, I just want to say:

* * *

The baby is now all grown up. May you continue to shine light on others with your love and kindness. You are truly a friend I couldn't ever replace. You have a very very very special place in my heart. And it's been occupied by only you for 14 years now. Always know that I am here for you, no matter what, no matter where I may be (crossing fingers). I don't need to wish that all your wishes come true, because I am confident and sure that you will fulfill them on your own with your intelligence and perseverance. Still, I will be here to celebrate with you in your victories and I'll also be here in those rare times that you might need a shoulder to lean on. There's so much more I could say, but One Tree Hill is going on, so as much as I love you, Chad Michael Murray is calling out to me. I love you, Jo. Remember that, okay?
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