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Currently: Not over how fast things can move

So the last time I wrote this, I was worried about to work and the entire visa thing expiring, and now I'm employed and now worrying about getting regularised, but that's just me, you know. It's one worry after the other. I'm grateful though and still can't believe this is all really happening.

Loving: NETFLIX. Need I say more? I mean seriously. As if my current TV shows weren't enough of a distraction, now I have this to fill in the time in between working and sleeping. And so I must pace myself and limit myself to not hogging it as I apparently live with other human beings too.

Crushing On: Richard Armitage. I know I'm late to this party but how can I not? I finished North and South (more below) and I just want to watch everything he's been in. So I queued up Robin Hood next and apparently he's going to be in the next Hannibal so that should be fun. You know who should guest star? Lee Pace, just because.

Reading: I just finished The Walls Around Us which was pretty crazy. I didn't realise the book was about what it was about but it was nicely told and it was pretty unique. I enjoyed it despite its darkness. I'm now reading Under the Painted Sky which is ok as well but i didn't realise it was a Western.

Watching: All the shows are coming back, including Game of Thrones and Mad Men and soon Orphan Black but for now I'm pretty much going through Daredevil which is violent in the best way possible. I'm really excited to see Charlie Cox beat the shit out of everyone.

Also, upon everyone's recommendations, I just saw North & South which is making my heart burst with so much love. Richard Armitage and his delivery of every line killed me. I swear. I was spazzing alone in the living room because his love for Miss Hale was just so wonderful. Mr. Thornton, I want it.

Thanks to Netflix, still, I caught Take Care and Life Partners and i liked them both. First off, Thomas Sadowski is adorable and I need to see him in more things. It was nice to see Leslie Bibb, too. I really enjoyed Leighton Meester in Life Partners, too. It was cute to see her play lezzie with Adam Brody and I can just imagine how adorable they would have been off-set.

Listening to: I just got around to listening to Kelly Clarkson's new-ish album and I like it. It's got the pop stuff and the slow stuff and the fun stuff and really catchy. Also lovely? The new Deathcab for Cutie which in a way takes me back to high school and making me want to re-watch The O.C.

Planning: decorating my room -- eventually. First, I have to get my first pay check then pay off my rent and then my parents and then I get to go back to IKEA and Kikki-K and Typo and figure out how I want to decorate the room. I've been looking a lot at Domino and Domaine and I just want to make things pretty. Who knew I had it in me?

Working on: Getting used to work. Being on vacation/unemployment since October 17 meant 5 months, and 2 weeks of lovely times. So I'm really just trying to get into the groove of waking up everyday again and learning new processes. This is my third job and though in a 'similar' industry (digital), it's still a totally different company and workplace and different processes.

I'm excited to learn so many new things and I'm constantly feeling clueless and really dumb but I hope that's okay because I"m trying and I just want to absorb as much as I can.

Anticipating: Regularization This time around, it's three months. In Manila, it was 6 months probationary period. SO technically, I have both less time to prove I'm worth the hire and also this much time make sure I make it. I'm worried but so far, I like what I'm doing -- even if I'm not sure about how to do everything just yet. (see above)

Wishing: I had more energy to exercise. I can, technically. I'm just lazy. This place I live in now has Netflix (see above). So it's difficult to want to do anything other than sit in front of it and just browse all the many wonderful options I have in store. So yes, I wish I could be more active again.

And despite the fact that I've been working, I make sure to insert some TV into my day. Literally. I try to watch a show before work and by the time I get home, I can catch 2-3 more, depending on how sleepy I am or how gutsy I feel about staying up late. Look at me, in bed before midnight. Or at least, I try to be.

  • Outlander 1x10: This show is kind of intense and I like everything that's happening but you know I'm only paying attention to when Jamie and Claire are together cause hello, waking her up like that? I know we've all discussed this over and over but I'm obviously not over it.

  • Silicon Valley 2x01: I'm s happy this is back and they sure did handle the death as quickly as they could. It's nice to see the guys have the financial support they need right off the bat and still make prudent decisions. I wonder what kind of shenanigans will be ins tore for them now.

  • The Royals 1x05: This show continues to be ridiculous in the best way possible and I"m not sure why I still bother to watch it but it's fun and Liz Hurley as queen is CRAZY TOWN. Like the believability of this show is zero which is a shame cause i would have loved a more realistic view rather than hedonistic but it's on E! What was i Expecting.

  • Jane the Virgin 1x18: I figured they'd put a hitch to the entire Jane/Rafael ship soon enough and they've started it so I'm not really paying attention to them much, but I am loving that Alba's asked a priest out and that Rogelio's mom is as nutty as one would expect her to be. This show continues to be precious. I also just want Michael to be happy.

  • Agents of SHIELD 2x17: SHOW SHOW SHOW. I am so happy we get to see Skye happy with her mom for like a second and having a family dinner with crazy Cal who's just so happy but that bit with Lincoln in the end scares me. I don't see Skye being happy for too long because this show doesn't like that, but I trust catteo when she says she feels positive about this Lincoln thing.

    Meanwhile, WE FINALLY SEE THE CALVARY backstory and it makes me so sad that May was such a happy, cheerful person and suddenly, sadness. I swear, SHIELD has a way of messing you up and if May isn't an example of that, I don't know who can be. Can she get back together with Andrew cause they were adorable.

    ALSO, nice to see Fitz on the run and holding up the bathroom and opening cubes he shouldn't be opening. I"m excited to see him join forces with Coulson and Hunter. I also just want Hunter and Bobbi to get back together like on-screen. I hate how everyone's just apart and sad. I want happy times, guys.

  • iZombie 1x05: I really enjoyed this episode and seeing Liv become even more ~Human. But what's crazy was I didn't expect Bradley James to pop up in this episode and as a zombie at that! Brunette!BRadley is such a welcome addition to this cast and since Major seems to not be getting back with Liv anytime soon, it's good to know, our girl has options.

  • Arrow 1x19: So I'm sad that Roy had to go. But I can't seem to understand, is Thea dead too? Didn't she get stabbed like multiple times??? I hope dh's okay because Oliver/Thea are like one of my most favourite pairs on this show. I couldn't seem to find anything online but was I the only one who understood that wrong?

    Also, Felicity worrying about Ray in froth of Oliver? Don't try stopping yourself, girl. You have feelings, we know. How long must we wait for them to get together already? Next season? I hope so, please.

  • CSI: Cyber 1x06: This show is just pure camp and it's always interesting to see them make the internet so evil and yet I continue to use it. I guess their target market is a lot older but I'm just not affected by the fear. Still, it's fun to watch and the crazier the cases, the better. I want more.

  • Scandal 4x19: I also need more Jake Ballard. We're getting way too little of him. AND NOW HE GETS STABBED TOO. By the dude who's calling Olivia Alex. Ugh. Show, pick a guy and make her work towards him. I know you're trying to make it difficult for us to figure out who it'll be but please let it be Jake. Or at least give him someone pretty.

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