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12 of 12: When I thought it would be a chill day and was totally wrong

So, let's talk about TV because there seems to be a lot of it now with everything coming back. And when i mean everything, I'm really talking about the summer shows (Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Outlander and soon Orphan Black). Between that and Netflix (hello, Daredevil), I'm finding employment to be getting in the way of my shows.

  • Jane the Virgin 1x17: I love that Rogelio hasn't said he loves Xo, though I'm sure they eventually will, it's always nice to throw this wrench into the mix. And seeing Michael and Jane get along so well and Rafael not really being good at things makes me very happy cause I like that nothing is set in stone yet as to which team gets Jane.

  • Fresh off the Boat 1x11: The number four storyline was pretty funny with Jessica refusing to even enter the house she was selling and yet she did. SHE CAN SELL ANYTHING. My mom's pretty superstitious despite being quite holy, too (the dichotomy, I tell ya!) and so it's rubbed off on me a bit, too so this episode was fun.

  • iZombie 1x4: Major without his shirt and only in a towel? There are worse things to look at for sure. I liked that Ravi was more involved in the case this time around, too. I need more Ravi/Major in my life and I'm glad they're roomies now. I see we're making sure Major stays in our lives. I like it. A lot.

  • Agents of SHIELD 2x16: Still no Ward but we do get Lincoln and the Afterlife and I #StandWithWard and all but I have to admit that Lincoln is a cutie. Do I still believe in SkyeWard? Of course, but seeing as they're not giving us much, I'm just happy to have more cute boys on the show.

    I love that FitzSimmons managed to dupe the real SHIELD and got the box out. And Fitz finally gets to eat the sandwich! He always seems to get thwarted. I also liked that we got to find out more about The Cavalry. I wish Skye had realised she was talking to her mother. Then she probably wouldn't be so hot to leave. Or not.

  • Bones 10x13 -- I started with this show on season 4 (i caught up with the rest) and I can't believe it's already in season 10 and still somehow going okay. I don't know if they're planning on killing off Mr. Vasiri but that would be too bad for Cam. Also, Booth and Bones married still works for me. See, shows! It's possible.

  • Elementary 3x19: Sometimes I wish we saw more of Joan's impeccable style. But it seems to be winter still on the show so she's always bundled up.

  • Daredevil 1x01-02: That's all I've managed to watch because Game of Thrones suddenly leaked and we got distracted but it's pretty good. I like that they do reference to the Avengers and the Creel connection to SHIELD but this one is so incredibly violent. Charlie Cox is a such a cutie. I didn't realise the potential until this show. I approve.

  • Game of Thrones 05x01-04: [Spoiler (click to open)]So now I have nothing to watch for the rest of the month but it's ok. This show. This show. Young Cersei felt like full-grown Cersei except tiny and that was adorable. It's nice to see Tyrion out of his box and still bitter about things -- but I can't blame him. and I'll always want to see Jamie Lannister in whatever haircut he chooses.

    LORD SNOW! I'm so happy for Jon! He's a pretty bad ass Lord Commander if I say so. I'm also happy for Arya (no one) just because she's finally doing what she wanted. I am so glad she didn't throw needled into the sea. And Sansa! I felt bad she didn't go with Brienne but I suppose that would have been way too easy.

    My first official 12 of 12 in Singapore as a gainfully employed individual and I spent it almost at home. Well, I thought I would be staying at home, but that definitely didn't turn out how I thought it would. All for the best, really.

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    01. 01:50am, my bedroom
    I can't believe I have a room again. After months of crashing on my sister's couch, I now have a room with four walls, a door, a legit bed and a window that looks out onto the street with this view. It's not much but I love it

    02. 08:23am, my room
    because it's Sunday, I had to get to mass. I originally thought I'd make it to the 7:15 one (NOT OF COURSE), so instead I decide to go to the 9:15 one. I live 1.7km away from two church's north and south. I walked south this time.

    03. 08:37am, my room
    This is my very bare desk as of now. I went to IKEA last week and bought the bare essentials since the room came pretty furnished. I was debating over a nicer lamp or the cheapest lamp and I went with the cheapest one. So far, no regrets.

    04. 08:38am, my room
    I managed to fill up the dresser (also from IKEA) with what clothes I brought and this is what keeps me from shopping at Uniqlo -- though I want to so bad (I also haven't received my first pay check, so I have no right). So I'm trying to remix the clothes. And three days into work, I haven't really had to recycle much yet.

    05. 10:27am, Church of the Nativity
    This church reminded me of the church's back in Manila in that they're not air-conditioned (i've been spoiled) but it wasn't bad at all and there were a lot of families and lots of fans and a really pretty facade. I'm not sure where I'll eventually be a regular just yet. I should probably attend more to figure this out.

    06. 10:33am, Punggol Park
    I live near-ish a park again! This makes me happy. I haven't jogged here yet, I've been lazy (SO BAD) but it's a pretty walk going back home. Lots of folks exercising under the sun. It was way too hot for me to bother but at least I got a walk out of it. I need to be more serious again, I know. BUT NETFLIX. AT HOME. #lifechoices


    07. 01:31pm, the kitchen
    No, I don't cook. But my roommate/ex-officemate, Barb does and she made a great caldereta for lunch. I didn't get to take an after photo because we literally just dug in and ate. I am spoiled though -- getting home cooked meals. My contribution to this meal is the dish washing. That's all I can do, really.

    08. 02:32pm, the living room
    And it's the ChineseGP! I haven't been up to date with F1 in the longest time just because we didn't get the channel and it's difficult to follow on Twitter alone, so it warms my heart that I now get reunited with these boys. Plus, this year, I hope I finally get to attend the Singapore one given I'm here.

    09. 03:02pm, my room
    And this is the last thing I saw before going to take a nap. It's a sunday afternoon, of course i"ll nap. But not before reading a bit of the Summer preview of EW. Which I adore. I can't believe it's summer movie season already!!!

    10. 08:06pm, a Park near Kallang Bahru
    So I woke up at like 6pm and see that my aunt from BKK asked me to run her an errand and give the things to her friend who stays at the Sheraton in Singapore (and would be leaving Tuesday morning) so I ended up frantically calling three baking supplies stores to find an L-shaped cutter and then jetting there in ac ab before the place closed. This is my post-adventure walk to the bus stop to head to the Sheraton.

    11. 08:49pm, The Sheraton Towers
    Initially my aunt told me they were at the Shangri-la, so I was calling the front desk asking to be connected to people who weren't even billeted there. Funny story, I tell you. I'm glad I still had data on me to be messaging my aunt. OH data, you save me all the time.

    12. 08:55pm, Newton MRT station
    And I made it. Baking supplies delivered, I'm finally on my way home. I did not bother to dress up obviously and just ran out of the house in whatever I was wearing. Oh the adventures I get in to. Definitely a pretty good Sunday.

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