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So many new things, so much Netflix, so little time

Belated happy Easter everyone! It's the end of Lent in Christian terms and it definitely feels like a resurrection of sorts for me. It's also technically spring for some folks, but since I'm along the equator, it's just normally hot. But really, symbolically, the birth of spring slash the re-birth of Christ feels so applicable to me right now because I feel like there are so many new things happening to me, too.

  • First as I mentioned in my last post, I've found gainful employment. I've been very reluctant to talk about it, be happy because it all still felt so unreal. But now that I'm two days away from my first day, I guess it's okay to start talking about it already. I can't believe I've found work. I felt like a professional interviewee already after 2 months of going to interviews, sending out resumes and doing cover letters. I'm just glad I found something I'm truly interested in and somehow they were interested in me, too.

    Well, I did do two interviews and like four exams for this job but it's something I hope I can pick up quickly because the learning curve will be steep. Though I've worked in digital, I haven't in e-commerce and I didn't deal with data to this degree, but I'm excited to learn and hopefully my superiors and the company will find value in me and this will all work out.

    The other reasons I've been reluctant were that I was waiting for my employment pass to get approved and to pass my medical test. Both of which, I've done. I can't believe I've survived the hurdles and now I'm just excited to get to do this.

  • Second, I've moved out of my sister's couch and into my friend's spare bedroom. My ex-officemates in Manila live in a 3-bedroom and they luckily had a spare bedroom for me and it was in my price range (and conveniently along the subway line that goes to my office) so I took it. living with my siblings has been fantastic. For one thing, it was free and for another, it felt like just an extended sleepover.

    Last Saturday, I re-packed what I had unpacked in my sister's house and took a cab further north to my new room and it's been weird feeling like an adult. I paid a deposit, went to IKEA and restrained myself from buying the entire place out. My room's pretty spartan at the moment but I've been reading a lot of Domino and Domaine just looking at pretty rooms and pinning scandinavian houses because they are gorgeous.

    I also had to buy toilet paper and laundry detergent for the first time in my life. I know, so very late but it's interesting that I'm totally clueless about these things. I've done laundry but never having to actually go to a grocery and picking out fabric softener. This is crazy. It feels legit and real and I'm slightly nervous but also weirdly excited about cleaning bathrooms.

  • Finally, I guess it has to be noted that I'm still in disbelief that it's all really happening. When I quit my job last October and said I'm finally doing this Singapore thing, I wasn't certain things were going to pan out. I had given myself the first quarter to lock something down. I'll be honest, after a month, I was feeling pretty dejected.

    But then things turned around and after a lot of praying and whining and just sending out CVs like crazy. And now this. It's still unbelievable that I'm not in Manila. I feel so grateful to God and everyone who really helped cheer me on along the way (you guys, are included) so if I'm absent from LJ for the next couple of weeks, please know I'm just trying to make sure I get past probation and lock this down for real. But I doubt it. I'll always find time for LJ. It's been a happy place for 11 years, and it'll be for the long-run. Thanks, guys.

    In other news, I've been watching A TON of The Good Wife (not to mention last weeks Agent's of SHIELD) and I just started Poldark. Also, the house I moved into has Netflix -- it's official, my life will now consist of zero sleep.

    Poldark: I've only seen episode 1 but I'm liking it. I'm always a fan of anything by the BBC and my cousin in Norway gave me her seal of approval so it must be great. I kind of spoiled myself on Tumblr but I'm curious to see how it goes. plus Aidan Turner? Yes

    Madam Secretary: I'm glad they've been green lit for a season 2 and though it's an interesting watch, I like that they show a bit more of Elizabeth's family. I feel awkward with Stevie dating her boss (not even because he's older) but I guess we'll see where this goes.

    Agents of SHIELD: DAMN THIS SHOW. It just keeps getting more amazing and I'm excited to see where it goes. Anytime Melinda came out was pretty kick-ass. Helping Coulson get away, being all motherly/sisterly to Skye and just being amazing. I'm glad she's around.

    I feel that Skye is in a good place, getting taken in by the InHumans but I'm also worried for her, being away from the team. I get why she has to be with her folks, but why can't they just all co-exist peacefully.

    The flashbacks to the day SHIELD fell were interesting in that it gave context and really showed how they're all really on the same side, if they only hashed things out!!! Also, I can't reiterate enough, please pick another name for your team because I'm truly confused.

    Bobbi and Mack at least are justified in their actions so I'm glad when I saw that Hunter was okay and with Coulson in the end. Also, I need more Ward in my life. I mean, I get it. They're teasing us but come on guys, give me something more.

    The Good Wife: So, I'm obsessed. I'm only in season 2 but I know that I'll be trucking along till I catch up. I don't see a big fandom on LJ but I literally can't stop watching. I love Cary Agos and I love Dianne Lockhart and of course, Will/Alicia. I see the love between Peter/Alicia and I do wish they could work things out but you know they're teasing us with this Will thing. Yes, I've spoiled myself for the future so I'm just trying to enjoy this as it goes.

    But really, CARY AGOS needs more love. I wasn't a big fan of Logan on Gilmore Girls (just because I was still pining for Jess) so seeing him in a douche-y on the outside but softie on the inside role now makes my heart melt. Also, I love Dianne. Christine Baranski is a treasure and she needs to be in every scene. I love that she's got a love interest.

    And finally, ELI GOLD. Alan Cumming is AMAZING and I just want him to be in every scene. It was cute when they brought out Parker Posey as his ex-wife and America Ferera as a possible love interest (I know, I couldn't imagine it until it was there). Generally, more Eli Gold = GOLD.

    Then of course, there's Juliana Marguilles. She's so deserving of all the awards and accolades. When I grow up, I want to be as bad-ass as her in court. I"m not even a lawyer but she just handles things so cooly. I don't want to be against her. Team Alicia FOREVER.

    Outlander: IT'S BACK. I can't believe it's back. I was a little disoriented with this being Jamie's POV but I'm just glad we have it back. And the squabbling and matrimonial woes were cute just because they actually worked through it. I imagine sadder times ahead and more turbulent moments so I'm holding on to these happy memories. Oh these two, their chemistry is crazy. I'm just floored.

    Scandal: So Olivia and Jake are in on it? I just want sexy times for her and Jake, really. B613 can go away and I'll be okay or it can stay there and I"ll still be okay as long as we get some fun times for Olivia. I know she said she's choosing her, but part of the reason I love this show is the crazy relationship dynamics. Team Fitz or Team Jake, I don't care. but show us some loving.

    Arrow: I just saw the teaser for this week's episode and they better not have that sex scene as a fake-out because I will be pissed. It's always nice to see Felicity's mom and have her point out the obvious to her daughter. I'm worried for Roy though. This better not be the path to his death. No.

    iZombie: This show just keeps getting cuter and I'm glad we saw Liv at least learning more about herself. I'm liking that she's still getting her cases solved but also re-learning her life and getting to know herself better. I do wish she'd get back together with her fiancé but that'l be a long time coming if at all. Ravi is adorable though and i like their dynamic, not romantically but friendly and all.

    Fresh off the Boat: I love this show and the science fair episode/gaydar for the parents was really cute. I love that Eddie couldn't even bring himself to work on things meanwhile his siblings had like crazy elaborate ones. And I don't blame Jessica for having a bad gaydar, but this one was blatant. So cute though when she was piecing it together Jessica for everything. She's amazing.

    Royals: I didn't want to watch this but when my friends said it's like a horrible version of Gossip Girl, I couldn't resist. And wow, it's really bad but so so so incredibly bad that it becomes good? Do you know what I mean? This is not the monarchy at all. I wish they'd done a more sedate version of it, more Downton Abbey and added drama rather than CRAZY OVER THE TOP SEX AND DRUGS but it's E! What did I expect? Still, this is the TURN YOUR BRAIN OFF and do your nails show and I'll be okay.

    Mad Men: I just literally saw this with my sister and I can't believe we're down to the last couple of episodes. Don is as always, on his spiral but at least functioning. I can't believe Rachel is dead and there seems to be a lot of endings and death. Im happy for Peggy though. I hope this is it for her, though she seems to be sobering up to the reality of what she'd just done -- at least she got a cute date out of it.

    Did I mention Netflix??? Can someone give me recs on what to watch because I'm overwhelmed by the amount of things here (X-Files, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Roswell) and I just don't know where to start. Help. How is everyone?
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