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Best of: March 2015

And just like that, the first quarter of 2015 is over and with it March has gone by. It's been a pretty hectic month for me, but I'm happy to say, we all made it out alive. I'm still in Bangkok (but only until tomorrow) and it's been a nice end to the March that was.

I honestly haven't been this far away from home for such a long time (I left Manila January 15) and it's not that I'm homesick, but i definitely am not used to not being my room of 24 years (we moved house when I was 3) and seeing familiar faces more often and not through a grainy Skype session. Still, it's been fun. And I'm excited for the next quarter.

The month started out with me returning from Bangkok and I went to a series of interviews with the most random jobs. Some of them, I was interested in going into it, some of them I didn't quite know but then realised was also quite interesting in a way I had never thought of before. And I'm happy to say that I've accepted a job offer and just received my work pass. I still have to pass a medical exam (and I know i'm normally healthy, but extremely paranoid) so I hope that goes smoothly.

I went out with my sister and brother (not pictured) a lot this month because my brother celebrates his birthday on March 1 (since he was born in February 29 -- my fault; long story) and my sister celebrates on March 13. So there were lots of celebrations and lots of lovely dinners out. Plus my brother passed the Law Bar exam so there really was so much to celebrate.

Then Koko came over to watch One Direction with me and it was such a fun four days with her around. For one thing, I kind of pressed pause on all the applications and interviews while she was around so it was going out and being a tourist again in Singapore (which I haven't done in a bit) and going crazy over the boys. with all the crazy stuff happening to the band right now, I'm happy we were still able to see them with Zayn.

Then Chrissy came over too and we had dinner with Chaps and it felt like old times (except there were a lot less of us and food was a lot more expensive) but it was fun. Another thing I like about being in Singapore is it's not too far from Manila just yet so friends and family can come visit more often. So yay for visits! And hopefully more of them to come.

Finally, my one week in Bangkok which initially stressed me out because I was first annoyed that my 30 day visa was expiring -- again (how fast time flies). And that I wasn't sure when I could/should return to Singapore given I didn't know if I'd have a pass by the time my return ticket was up. But luckily it all fell into place.

And these past couple of days, I've been eating waaaay too much (like it's insane, my aunt never wants me to go hungry) and watching a lot of The Good Wife (which I'm annoyed I've come into the game WAY TOO LATE -- and I have on purpose spoiled myself) and just soaking up the last days (hopefully) of unemployment. I gave myself the first quarter to look for work and feel so blessed that it worked out this way.

Thanks to everyone who crossed their fingers for me and encouraged me and helped me out in whatever way they can. I can't thank everyone enough. I Hope your March's were pretty good, too and let's all say hi to April. HOW OLD ARE WE THAT TIME FLIES SO FAST? I will never be over this.
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