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Watch Agents of SHIELD, they said. It'll be fun, they said*

And I'm flying out of Singapore -- again. I can't believe 30 days is up AGAIN. Wasn't it just yesterday when I said I'd flown back in miraculously? Well, these past 30 days have been pretty productive. I definitely went to way more interviews than I had during my first 30 days and i met so many interesting companies.

I wish though it were a much easier process. For one thing, I've got this 30 day issue to contend with. I fly out to Bangkok and after one week, I return. Last time it was two weeks, this time one. It really depends. But I'm hoping that Immigrations doesn't give me a difficult time getting in. Last time, I was lucky. No questions asked. But this is my second re-entry so I hope things are still okay. Fingers crossed, everyone?

For another thing, I still need to lock down an approval for my employment pass. Because even if there are offers to consider, until the Ministry of Manpower (of Singapore) approves my work permit, all this interviewing is a ruse. I'm hopeful and trying to stay positive (and patient) and just hope everything works itself out.

In other news, I caught the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD and boy was it good to see Ward back in our screens. This episode was a mixed bag for me, good really, but I just felt like it had something missing? I can't pinpoint it, but I enjoyed, still. I don't know. What did you guys think? *Hello, catteo, redbrunja

  • First off, real SHIELD is bugging me out. So they want to take Coulson's team down? Can't we all just get along? I suppose having Hydra gone quickly was only to have SHIELD versus SHIELD which is honestly the most confusing thing ever. I'm glad that Hunter was just blown away by the absurdity of it. But Bobbi and Mack!!! Why are you guys so into this? I get it but I don't get it as well. I just want happy times. Wrong show, I know. I feel like AoS deserves a gif set like this. So much fun.

  • Ward is so good to have back on my screen and seeing him interact with the many faces of Agent 33 was adorable. First off, SKYE WITH THE WEIRD VOICE seducing Ward and saying that it's what he wants was just pure bliss. Even if it wasn't Skye, seeing Chloe with a bad wig get on top of Ward? Yes please. We need more of this. This show has just perfected the ways to bring these two together without bringing them together. Thanks.

    But really, Ward is so oddly calm and caring for Agent 33 and it's so nice to see this side of him. I feel like it's all pent up nurturing he never got to freely do with Skye but you know i"m overreaching and just aching for them to be together. This partnership works. I'm excited to see where they take this indoctrination of Bakshi and all.

  • Phil and Melinda being all protective of Skye still brings endless joy to me. Though they're obviously so distracted by this they might not see anything else coming. And Fitz and Simmons need more interaction time, obviously.

    All in all, we need more Ward and we need more Skye and we need more SKyeWard and Bobbi and Hunter need to live happily ever after. But that's just me. Make this fic, someone. Please.
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