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Currently: Sitting, Waiting and Wishing Things Become a Lot Clearer

So we're already in March and more than halfway through it and I'm thinking, holy crap the first quarter of 2015 is almost done. What have I been doing? Well a lot actually but still, it still surprises me when time flies this fast. LIKE THIS IS CRAZY FAST. I feel old.

Loving: All these opportunities. Sure, the timing sucks for a lot of these things and I wish the job hunt would just speed up BUT I'm learning about all these cool companies that would be cool to work in and just really expanding the world I know and live in. So whatever happens, I'm loving how this has just opened me up. SO many possibilities.

Crushing On: SHEO. Insurgent comes out tomorrow and I've just been looking at pretty photos of Shailene and Theo doing the press tour. I've been so consumed by the job hunt that I haven't properly sat down and sifted through interviews, but I'm sure it'll be glorious when I see it (not just the movie but all the lovely press stuff).

Reading: A Darker Shade of Magic is such an awesome book that I've picked up recently and I don't want to compare it to anything else but I'm loving the different Londons the author has written about and the magic and the mythology and I'm not yet done with it (it's kind of long) but I'm excited to see where it goes and hoping it gets optioned for a movie because this would be great on the big screen.

Watching: So I finally picked up Fresh off the Boat and I'm all caught up with How to Get Away with Murder only to see the finale. But I'm really quite impressed with both shows. First off, I think the kids on Fresh are adorable. I'm not Chinese-American but the family is so relatable on an Asian scale and so funny. And Shonda has done it again with HTGAWM. It's campy fun and high drama and cute boys! It's a win for everyone.

Listening to: Obviously, I've listened to copious amounts of One Direction in preparation for the concert. I've actually grown to love a lot of Midnight Memories when initially I wasn't such a fan of that album. The concert was amazing and I'm just glad I was able to see them live. I'm sad I missed Ed Sheeran though. His show was sold out and I wasn't flush enough to scalp for tickets. So till next time.

Planning: on seeing Insurgent. I've been pretty excited for this movie and unemployment means I can watch the first screening on the first day and not be ashamed about it so that's something that I'm definitely psyched to be doing. Movie tickets in Singapore cost more than in Manila -- but then again, everything does. But I've planned it. I'm doing it.

Working on: getting my diploma. Would you believe five years out of college and I didn't bother to get my diploma. Apparently I didn't need any proof in manila but here, to get an employment pass, I apparently need that document. I'm just glad and lucky that my brother Pietro is on vacation in Manila from Los Angeles and was able to use his RA charms on the registration folks. I hope it arrives in time on Friday.

Anticipating: Hearing from interviews I've been and if I've made it through. I've had a couple of waiting days for some of the jobs that I'm interested in and I just wish the timing would work out so that they're all out at the same time and all need an answer at the same time instead of this weird, stalling, limbo I'm in. So I'll be glad to hear whether it's a yes or a no already.

Wishing: That I could already be settled in to my job (whatever it'll be) and learning it and just being ok living wherever I end up living in Singapore. It's been a long couple of months and I'm honestly all interviewed-out -- though I still have a couple to go. And though I feel so lucky and blessed to have this time off, it's pretty much been focused on work so I'll be glad when I actually have work.

Also, obviously, there's some Agents of SHIELD to discuss as I've just sat through the latest episode. I've been running around all day that I'm just happy I got to sit down and enjoy this episode, again. These are getting pretty good and I like how it's been going.

  • The first thing I wanted to discuss was how excited I was that Melinda's ex-husband was on the show and how we get a backstory and laughing from May. I really like how she's taken on her SO duties in a motherly way -- in the most May way possible. Her encouraging Skye and telling her they'll figure it out was so aww-inducing. Also, someone give us a flashback to their elopement. I need to see this happen.

    On the same vein, I wish we'd seen more/learned more about Coulson's past. It was such a teaser, knowing his hometown but an empty football field does not make much of a history. Still, I'll take whatever morsel. It was interesting to see him interact with Bobbi, too. Who was clearly hiding something. I wonder if Coulson could tell.

  • Speaking of Bobbi. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED THERE. What is this Real Shield Mack speaks of??? I'm just glad they didn't off Hunter, though they probably wouldn't have -- but now I'm really confused as to what the hell is going on. HOW CAN THERE BE A REAL SHIELD??? Is Coulson's version some breakaway group that's rebelling? And who's leading this on? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

  • Fitz and Simmons talking for like two seconds and not wanting to kill each other was nice moment. Of course they'd bond over both of them wanting more information on May. It was nice to see them have a decent interaction without too much hostility. Guys, just be friends again. I like seeing you be friends.

  • Not friendly? THE CRAZY TEAM OF CAL. Wow these folks are a messed up bunch and I'm glad that they got Cal in that red room with the guy with no eyes. But what happens to there set of his band of merry misfits. I'm sure they'll find a way to make them wreak havoc again.

  • Then of course, there's our baby girl Skye, who's been suppressing her powers, apparently. I just want to give her a HUG, again. Again, where is Ward and that hug she so badly needs? Her tough girl exterior totally breaks into giddy fangirl mode when she gets to hear all about May's past which was adorable. I swear, someone just give this girl a helping hand. I'm so tired of seeing her struggle through this. I imagine they'll stretch this out for as long as they can, but I just want to see her get something positive out of this.

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