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12 of 12: When the day started out with remnants of One Direction concert high

I finally caught the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD and though I really do miss Ward, I'm really liking these episodes so far. I mean of course I'd love to have Ward back, but this isn't too too bad. Plus, we get Lady Sif! Come back, though Ward.

  • First off, Skye. Our poor baby girl's secret is out in the open and I'm really happy for her. Sure, it wasn't the ideal coming out but I'm glad it's all there now. Everyone's ostracising and everyone's going to hate for a but, but at least she's come clean. The look on her face when she overheard the team arguing and her adorable bag when she walked into her own self-containment? I just wanted to give her a hug.

  • Papa Coulson and Mama May were in fine form this episode. May being all tough SO on Skye but also still just really looking out for her melted my heart. COME ON. I am a sucker for this type of thing. And how Coulson just automatically protected Skye, I swear, these 'adoptive' parents are the best.

  • I loved seeing Fitz be all protective of Skye and defensive to Simmons of his secret. Yes, he shouldn't have but I'm glad he did. And the gang ganging up on him was sad to watch but I'm glad he doesn't have to harbour a secret for too long, too. Jemma, I hope, truly has softened on her position of decimating the Inhumans. She seemed to be affected but she did say, "Skye is my friend" so I hope that really does count for something.

  • I'm scared about Mack and how his plan with Bobbi is turning out and how he totally gave Hunter the chokehold. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Hunter continue to be adorable and provide us with much needed sexy times, given we aren't getting it anywhere else. I hope they just come clean to Hunter, too.

  • Lady Sif is always lovely to have on the show and the reveal that all the diviners are missing just means there are lots of people to go after these next couple of episodes. Over-all, a lovely episode I think and I'm eagerly awaiting Ward's return. For now, I am enjoying a distraction-free episode.

    And finally onto the 12 of 12! It was the day after the One Direction concert and the day before my sister's birthday so it was fun to be had all around. Plus, my friend Koko was in town for the concert so instead of the usual looking for work, I had a go around the city. Fun times to be had.

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  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    01. 12:01am, Bayfront MRT
    Seriously, this concert was the best thing ever. We bought the tickets a couple of months back, but now seeing them live in Singapore was pretty awesome. I'm still not over it.

    02. 02:07am, the living room
    After the concert, we decided to Skype with Mimi back in Manila because obviously, the concert high has not worn off and we needed to gush about how awesome the boys were. So it was a One Direction love-fest to be had.

    03. 09:57am, my sister's room
    Koko and I decorated jamypye's room since we'd be out all day and by the time we got home, it'd almost be her birthday anyway. I don't know why Koko travels with washi tape, but it sure does come in handy. There are paper lanterns on the ceiling but they're not obvious.

    04. 10:15am, The Bravery
    the place we originally wanted to eat at AEIOU, didn't have electricity and we were hungry, so we walked to a nearby place and split the stack of pancakes which tasted good but was quite dense. Still, I'm all for breakfast foods.

    05. 12:11pm, CSHH Coffee
    And because there's so much to do in the Lavender area, apparently, we stumbled into this lovely Coffee roasting place that had an area for art classes and all. The stairs were cute and it's always so very Pinterest-y to see.

    06. 12:32am, Kallang Road
    And we're off to our next destination, in search for Books Actually, we headed towards Dempsey Road which we thought was the location only to be fooled. It was no longer there. Still, walking under the hot Singapore sun? Tiring.


    07. 02:13pm, Neil Road
    So many beautiful heritage houses to see and this row is no exception. We're aimlessly wandering, trying to kill time before dinner with Pamy and so we're off exploring Tiong Bahru and now Chinatown.

    08. 03:49pm, Books Actually
    Technically, this came before Chinatown, but I love this bookstore and if only I wasn't saving money or can already settle in to somewhere (with work), I'm holding back on purchasing anything that I'll need to lug around. But bookstores are my biggest weakness and it was so tempting.

    09. 04:14pm, Cozy Corner Coffee
    Yes, we've had coffee this morning, but why not have another one this afternoon. There were literally 4-5 cafes in the same apartment block and I'm shocked we were able to pick just one. Plus, we had truffle fries with it. I swear, we just keep eating.

    10. 07:40pm, Burnt Ends SG
    And we're finally eating dinner at this restaurant. When Koko knew she was flying in to Singapore, she started tagging me in random Instagram posts and apparently, it's difficult to get a reservation at this restaurant, so Pamy did it a month before. And though I suck at ordering, Pamy excels at this. The food was great. A pre-birthday celebration.

    11. 09:16pm, Dhoby Gaut MRT
    And we're finally not he way home. I'm tired as hell but commuting is still so very convenient so I'm not ever going to complain. I really hope things work out for me here just because Transportation is a MAJOR draw for me.

    12. 10:47pm, Fair Price
    We still find the energy to do a 20 minute grocery run for Koko and Pamy who need to do some things, I'm just along for the ride. It's been a fun day but a tiring one. I need to get back to my routines for sure, but breaking them with days like this is fine by me.

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