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This Post Is Brought to you by the Letter V

I can't believe it's already March. And almost a week into it, already. Feels like yesterday when I landed back in Singapore and now it's already a week later. But you know why I was so excited about March? Well, because finally I get to watch Marvel Agents of SHIELD in real time with everyone else.

Well technically, I didn't get to watch it 'live' because I was helping out my sister's officemates in editing their video -- that took the whole day -- and by the time I got home, I just wanted to sleep. But luckily I didn't and though the internet was kind of sketchy when i got back, I found a way. Huzzah.

  • Ward: So let me first address that there was too little Ward in this episode (read: none) and i hope this isn't a pattern we uphold all throughout. I like Ward. Let's not skimp on him too much, yes? But the fact that Chloe and Brett were tweeting from set means he has SOME scenes right? I hope together.

  • Skye: Wow she's got her powers now and I just really wanted to hug her and tell her it was all going to be okay (though we don't know that) and just give her everything back but we can't go back. Especially when Simmons was all 'let's-kill-this-mofo' (I get why though) and Skye just feeling alone.

    And her parents obviously are on two ends of the Inhuman treatment spectrum with Mom Jiayang being all nurturing to Inhumans and Dad Cal basically telling Raina to kill herself (her make-up was amazing). SO yes, not the best situation for Skye right now. She deserves some fun and love.

  • Fitz was really on his A-Game and I really love the understanding he has going on with Mack (who really scared me in this episode -- but also justified in his feelings~). Their friendship is sweet and I like that they have a support system now. But Fitz covering for Skye just made me want to give him the HUG.

  • Simmons: Again, I get where she's coming from especially with Trip being gone and all before anything even began. At the wake, it was nice to see them reminisce. But I still believe #TripLives. Come on guys, let's make this happen. And Jemma, you'll have Trip, so i don't have to wish for another boy for you.

  • Coulson and May being all parent-y to the entire team was always cute. And I know I'm probably in the minority but I got a tiny heart attack when they were shot at. I realise they showed it was fake out right away but I still panicked there. And yes, May being all nurturing to Skye is the cutest. I'm glad she's got her looking out for her.

    Also, Bakshi being so easily fooled and Hydra dying is sure takeout, right??? It can't be this easy? Unless they're just focusing on Inhumans now and then hitting us with Hydra again when we're all lulled into a false sense of security. YOU CAN'T FOOL ME NOW.

  • Bobbi and Hunter are the cutest. I wasn't a fan of either of them initially (because all I wanted were SkyeWard ALL THE TIME) but then after re-watching, I realized they're such a cute couple addition and if no one else on this show gets to be happy at least we have them. Bobbi being a cool older sister to Skye was the sweetest so I really hope that this Mack/Bobbi secret business doesn't hurt Hunter too much. DON'T BReAK UP THE ONLY HAPPINESS ON THIS SHOW.

    Needless to say, I'm so glad I'm finally watching things live so I can feel the hurt and darkness that is promised along with everyone else. Ugh what have you guys gotten me into???

    Because I saw this meme on mightymermaid's LJ and thought it would be cute and then she went and gave me the Letter V and I thought, waaaait a minute, that's not the most popular letter that comes to mind but hey, we shall make do.

    Something I Hate: Vermin for obvious reasons but I'm quite scared of them if I see them anywhere. Not freak out scared, just grossed out, walk in the other direction scared. So yes, no to vermin.

    Something I Love: Vanity Fair's Hollywood Portfolios. Their covers are always controversial for one reason or another but I love how beautiful they are and how they put it together. I would love to work for this magazine or at least for this issue in some shape or form in the future.

    Somewhere I've Been: Versailles! When I went to London/Paris back in 2012, I thought, WHY THE HECK NOT. And so I did. Though there were tourists to fill eternity, it was so beautiful and made me want to re-watch Marie Antoinette. And thus I'm excited for this, because Versailles.

    Captain Brandon AND Marianne Dashwood??!? <3

    Somewhere I'd Like To Go: Venice and the rest of Italy, of course. I've seen too many movies and it just looks really pretty so one day, I'd love toe see all of Italy including Venice.

    Someone I Know: Vanessa 130587 whom I'm totally missing on LJ these days. We became friends a couple of years back (in the good old LJ days -- though I'm quite happy with the resurgence now) and I just miss her! Come back to LJ, girl if you're reading this!

    A Film I Liked: V For Vendetta had Natalie shaving her head and Guy Fawkes and all the creepy masks and 'remember, remember the 5th of november' and just lots of bad-ass-ery going on.

    Also, I'm definitely late to this party but maybe is hosting a friending meme and it was so successful (for me) the last time (so many wonderful new friends) that i thought I'd definitely pimp it and join, too. Hello, everyone!

    multi-fandom friending meme

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