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11 of 11: When I said goodbye to twenty-seven

So yes, I'm now officially 28 and my birthday was pretty good, thanks very much for all you greetings and love! I took way more photos than the required and that was because I had planned not to do anything but ended up doing a lot of things. Which is good, because the past two weeks haven't been the most fun -- me looking for work and hoping for a visa extension. BUT it all turned out okay in the end. Plus, I got two wishes in one: 1) celebrate my birthday out of Manila 2) have a 12 of 12 in another country. WIN!

You know what else is more than okay? My love for Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. LIKE, it's beyond okay. I would say, it's taken over my life. Thanks very much catteo for this. I know all I ever do now is talk about this show, but it's so all consuming that I can't even keep up with my other shows OR WANT TO.

it's like I live in this Shield Bubble that I'm too scared to pop otherwise, what will i be. And now, all my thoughts are consumed by Ward and Skye and Simmons and Fitz and Coulson and May and every non-CV-sending second is re-watching the series, reading fic and tumblr-tweeting my life away. It's been fun. And I'm not sure i"ll be able to contain myself when March comes along and it comes back and i can watch in real time.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month 11 photos because your birthday falls on the 11th this month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    01. 12:31am, the living room
    It's already my birthday but I was finishing the tail end of a new project I was assigned to -- proofreading a book! This is the second time I'm doing this and this time, it's a mystery book. I'm surprisingly enjoying myself so far.

    02. 08:02am, the living room
    i'm crashing on my siblings couch which happens to be my bedroom so it's a little journaling and reading in the morning before I start the day. At this time, I'm usually up to start job searching on line and writing cover letters but not today. Today, I will not do any of that.

    03. 08:23am, the Hawker Center
    I don't usually have coffee this early in the morning -- i have it in the afternoon when I'm about to crash but today, I wanted to treat myself to the wonderful kopi ping (iced coffee) and this is a wonderful way to start the day.

    04. 08:47am, the living room
    And I'm back in the game. Tumblr on my laptop and twitter/streaming shows on the tablet. seriously. This is the life. If I didn't have to work to survive, I would be doing this. Is it productive at all in a real-world kind of way? No. But i love it anyway.

    05. 01:45pm, Tokyu Hands
    And look, I got out of the house. After lunch at home, I decide to run a couple errands and visit the Singapore branch of my favourite Tokyo souvenir store. The stationary I loved in Tokyo was here but not the entire set, so i got the one I was missing anyway.

    06. 02:28pm, Kate Spade Saturday
    Even if I didn't get anything from this store, it was just nice to pop in and see all the nice things I can't afford but would love. It's so sad that they're collapsing these stores into the main Kate Spade stores, so at least I still get to see the store for a bit before they close.


    07. 03:43pm, IKEA
    And yes, we're eating dinner later but I had to have my favourite meal on my birthday and it's IKEA meatballs and the almond pie that just own me. I could eat this forever (and probably balloon like crazy) but it was lovely. I wish it weren't so far.

    08. 04:44pm, Queenstown MRT station
    And it's back on the trains. I swear, the MRT in Singapore is the most efficient thing ever and definitely part of my top 3 reasons I want to work in the country. Efficiency is such a turn-on and this country does it so well.

    09. 07:14pm, Our Lady of Lourdes Church
    I wanted to attend mass on my birthday so i chose the church that was celebrating its feast day (and whom I'm named after!). Little did I know that it would be more than a 2 hour mass. I'm glad I was able to attend but the parts in Tamil had me spacing out for a bit.

    10. 08:06pm, The Black Swan
    My sister knows how to pick them and she chose this restaurant for my birthday dinner (my dad treated us, he's too kind) because it's right next to my brother's office (he works late and we weren't sure if he'd be able to make it) but it was really good, too. So bonus points.

    11. 10:45pm, the living room
    And it's back home to open gifts! And I'm actually surprised I received so many lovely things! Books to read! And journals to write in and coffee cups to drink coffee out of for my future place of employment. I'm just so grateful and thankful to everyone.

    And because the cake my sister got me from Cake Spade was really yummy and I NEED to blow out candles on my birthday every year. No, I'm never too old to blow out candles. Until my next birthday, thanks again for making it wonderful.

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