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sayonara, twenty-seven

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“Tomorrow, I turn 28 and if you were to ask me when I was 18 how I would be spending my 28th birthday, it definitely wouldn't be the way I am spending it right now. For starters: I'm not home, in Manila. Sure, I'm in Singapore but not permanently just yet. And for another thing: I am unemployed.

Things have definitely not been going according to plan and to think "I excel at preparation" -- that's Jemma Simmons right there. So yes, all the preparation and obsessive sending out of resumes has not landed me a job in the 30 days I had prepared for.

Instead, I am off to Bangkok, Thailand. I don't feel sorry for myself, I don't. I'm a little disappointed but I could be spending my first two weeks of 28-hood very differently and I still feel very grateful for what I have. If I didn't have to work forever, I would be happy but I know that I will have to one day. And apparently that day, it is not today or tomorrow.

So in the same vein as this week's episode of Jane the Virgin (obviously I'm watching a lot of TV), I'm just going to have to let it go a little. Not a lot. Definitely not a lot. You know I'll still be job hunting all the way from Bangkok. And hoping they don't find me suspicious, to let me back in to Singapore when my two weeks are up.

Perhaps then, the excessive planning would have fallen into place. And I would find a job that I love and that's right for me. And so with that, I want to thank everyone for giving me a pretty amazing 27th year, filled with lots of wonderful firsts. Here's to my 28th year. May you surprise me in the best way possible. Happy birthday to me.”

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