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Best of: January 2015

So it's been two weeks in Singapore and the longest time I've ever spent here but definitely not as action-packed as previous vacations just because I've been seated in front of my computer scouring for openings. It's been interesting and more on that later, but we know that my life has been turned around (not because of the potential move) but because of my S.O. catteo's influence. As of my last entry, I have completed my viewing of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and well, life will never be the same.

SO. The last time I talked about AoS, I was on the fence about it. But then the second half of the first season got really good and then before I knew it, I was just bingeing on the show until I finished all 10 episodes of the second season. And I love it. I love it so much.

The characters are amazing. Skye is just the best ever and Ward is obviously the new man in my life. But then there's Fitz and Simmons (adorable) and Coulson and May (bad ass) and Bobbi and Hunter and Mack and Tripp (huhu!) and just the cast is crazy. The plot lines are nuts and it always has lovely callbacks to the MCU franchise so it's a lot to take in.

But really, it's just been fun to spaz over a fandom again. I don't remember being this into a fandom since Twilight which I got into because EVERYONE on my LJ feed was also into it. So it feels like a sort of coming home. And in case you wanted to see how obsessed I am, you can see my Twitter or my Tumblr are nothing but AoS and SkyeWard. NOTHING else. And if I could screenshot my conversations with catteo on Facebook Messenger, I get very ~passionate about things. To the point of being annoying so I'm shocked she's still talking to me.

But really, the reason I'm so obsessed is because Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennet have this crazy chemistry as Skye and Ward. Their characters just bounce off each other and have the most angst-y dialogue, that I just want to read fluffy FIC (FLUFFY). It's so sad how they're not given the chance to be happy together but I stand firm in my ENDGAME belief for them. If only I wrote it.

I've been stalking the cast and producers/writers on Twitter and Instagram and they just look like a really affable bunch. The last time I obsessed over fandom, social media was in its infancy so I didn't realise what an enabling force it is and I'm just on my Twitter feed so much, I probably tweet to annoying levels already. It's called unemployment, I know but I probably need to hold back.

That's too bad though. Because I literally spent the past 24 hours, queueing Tumblr posts for my SkyeWard Countdown to the Season 2B return. I would flail here but I'm too tired from typing up all my feelings over 32 posts and more more more these past couple of hours so that's saved for Tumblr.

I know, it's a little crazy but I scrolled through catteo's 78 pages worth of tagged entries and did my own little countdown. It's nuts. I stayed up till like 4am and then returned to it today and just wow. I haven't done anything this crazy since again, Twilight.

But it was fun and it was nice to get so into something that it's all I think about -- of course, I'm still applying for work but at least now I have something else to flail about and lots of folks on the flist who are into it, too. Which is crucial in fanning the fandom flame. And so I shall now go off to YouTube to watch fan videos because there's that now.

So if you have any fic or video or interviews or ANYTHING AoS you want to share, I'm pretty open to all ships and pairings and I'm a loving fan not a hating one so it's all just positivity in the fandom for me. I'm not into drama and I hope I don't get exposed to the negative side of the fandom (if any). And yes, I totally do RPF shipping. I'm that kind of fan. You may now judge me accordingly.

In other news, January is over and things have been pretty good for a January. I spent the first half of the month in Manila, trying to tidy things up and tie loose ends and then the second half of it, in Singapore, shockingly calm about everything and still a tiny bit anxious to find something I'd like to do and the company to take me in. Let's just say, I don't think my past January's have been this eventful.

I spent most of my January with my family and meeting friends for lunch or dinner. My siblings were still in Manila so we'd have lunches out and snack out and dinner out and just generally eating a shit ton out a lot. I'm not complaining at all, I do live to eat but wow, we ate A LOT.

I also met up with my high school friends and we hung out at Lee-Ann's house given she could't get out of bed because of her bad back. So it was nice to hang out at her house and just chill. I also met up with the gang we went to Batanes with and it was funny because they're technically my cousin's friends and my cousin was in Singapore at the time so it was nice they invited us, still.

I also attended Jill and Chris's wedding in Tagaytay and it was so cold but so beautiful. Jill and I used to carpool to work together so it was nice to see her graduate from our carpool and move in with her now husband, Chris. It was a really pretty wedding.

I met with the Candy girls from the office a couple of times -- from Thursday night massages to Saturday afternoon snacks to dinners to Monday dinners with everyone and they were probably the hardest set of folks outside the family to say goodbye to just because I've spent so much time with them over the four years. It was nice and non-depressing though which is great. There is Skype and FaceTime after all and we still don't know how things will turn out with me. Still, it was nice to have a dinner with everyone.

I saw my little cousin Alexa and she's getting so big and I'll miss her exaggerated energy. I get tired just watching her play. My family had dinner out on my last night at one of the Japanese restaurants I love and I guess that's one of the things I'll miss, eating at restaurants. I've been saving -- to make the money last till I finally find a job so it's a lot of cheap food. No complaints though, the cheap food is pretty good.

The flight itself to Singapore was a feat in itself given I left when the Pope arrived in Manila so it was a crazy trip but I made it to Singapore and settled in to my corner of my sibling's house. I'm so lucky that I can crash with them. I've taken over the living room and tried to take up as little space as possible and I think I've been pretty successful.

Days are usually job hunts online in the morning until lunch. I eat lunch while watching a show -- usually Agents of SHIELD or another show but you know it's AoS and then back to sending out resumes. If I have an interview, then it's the interview. Then I'm back home in the late afternoon and it's off to mass everyday (there's lots to pray about) and then I 'jog' at the park or around the block.

SAY WHAT? Patty, jogging? Who is this person??? I know, I can't believe it either. I am the most un-athletic person. at least lately, meaning ever since I finished all my PE units in college so jogging everyday is a HUGE shift for me. And I'm eating fish now, because it's actually good (and de-boned) and I'm lazy to eat anything else. So really, this little trip to Singapore -- if not for anything, has probably done my health a little more good than usual.

And then it's back home for dinner and probably a show or two and then some reading and then it's off to bed. So it's really quite the routine I've got going on. Until I find a job, this'll be my life. I applied for a visa extension so I hope I get approved otherwise I'll have to fly out then back in to renew the 30 days. Oh to be a first world visa holder (they get 90 days).

It hasn't been all routine though. I've met up with almost everyone I know from Manila who's now in Singapore and they've been really sweet and supportive of the job hunt. And everyone's been treating me, too so I'm ultra grateful. My ex-officemate's have been really helpful and it's just nice to hear other accounts of their time job hunting, so that's been good.

My brother and sister have both taken me out, too. I've hung out with my brother and his girlfriend at this music/art festival they took me, too. And my sister's brought me to her dragon boat practices by the park and just eating out in general. I've realised that I actually like going to the park. There weren't a lot in Manila that I could go to, so hanging at the park and just reading has been taking up my weekends.

I also met up with Marla, my ex-officemate and a Candy girl and her boyfriend, Anton who were in town to attend Laneway. I wanted to attend the Laneway festival but the tickets were a little steep and considering I'm supposed to be saving isn't exactly a good idea.

I'm really loving my independence here. transportation is soooo good like i"ve mentioned before and I feel really safe (so far) that i can literally walk out the door and do whatever I want. It sounds silly, I could do it Manila, too but of course with a little more restriction. Let's see how the rest of 2015 goes.

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