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Currently: Crossing my Fingers for Employment & Getting my Fingers Crossed from Typing Cover Letters

And so I've been in Singapore for a little over a week now and I've had one interview and a couple interesting leads. I hope I find something within my time frame here and that it's something I'm vaguely interested in but one thing's for sure, I'm dead set on working here.

I've been to Singapore for a couple years in a row, visiting siblings and it's just gotten so eerily convenient. Sure, there aren't home-cooked meals for me and as embarrassing as it sounds, I did my laundry for the first time in my life (I know, I'm very blessed/sheltered to have had someone who did it for me) but it's been interesting to say the least.

The freedom, which is also slightly disconcerting. Not that my parents wouldn't let me get anywhere but of course, I'd still give them a heads up of where i was and what time I'd be home because I did live under their roof and eat their food, so it wasn't complete freedom. Now though, I'm still pretty much a homebody -- but I chalk that up to saving what little cash I have on me. Still, it's a nice feeling.

I still miss my siblings back home like crazy -- but now I"m reunited with my other two siblings. And I miss ready breakfasts and my mom and dad. But looking forward for sure. #Allin2015 after all.

Loving: The convenience of it all. Call Singapore whatever you want to, but it's hella convenient. Coming from a country where traffic is king and commuting is the most inefficient thing ever, I embrace the predictability of the transport system and would gladly commute everywhere just because I can. I have been spoiled.

Crushing On: Re-kindling my love for Lee Pace was not a difficult thing to do. I obviously need to do a re-watch of Pushing Daisies but seeing him pop up on The Mindy Project had me ready to forgive Mindy in case she cheated on Danny. It's that big a deal. Can someone please give him another cute role? Sure, I don't mind his asshole-ish take on Halt and Catch Fire but I wouldn't mind a Piemaker at all.

Reading: I literally just finished All the Bright Places and also did Playlist for the Dead and the similar themes are suicide and sadness. I didn't think I'd be reading such heavy subject matter in my YA but it wasn't a bad addition. starting the year on those tow though are making me want to read lighter things.

And that's where the Paris Letters comes in which I enjoyed tremendously. I wish I could go back to Paris and meet a butcher. I'm also late to Yes Please and I'll Give You the Sun but I loved those, too. The upside of unemployment and a lack of a data plan is I have quite the capacity for reading.

Watching: I've started to watch Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. upon catteo's recommendation and so far it's been pretty enjoyable. Because of that, I also started Agent Carter which is also interesting and entertaining. It's so funny to see Chad Michael Murray basically play Tristan from Gilmore Girls in another era.

I'm also pretty invested in the second season of Broadchurch which has started back up and with this series, I just never know. I don't know how they'll screw me over by the end of the season but I'm definitely in for the ride. Also, Lee Ashworth is hot in a really bad guy kind of way. I'm sure he's not bad in the way they want us to think.

Listening to: I'm glad to report that I find the rest of Meghan Trainor's album to be as equally charming as her first single. Title is a pretty fun album, start to end, and if Taylor doesn't watch herself, she might see herself outplayed by Meghan at least for a couple of weeks. Also, I didn't realise how much I missed Fall Out Boy because I really like their latest one, as well. American Beauty/American Psycho is bringing me back to the old days.

Planning: Seeing as many Oscar-nominated movies as I can. I've only seen two -- meaning I am a long way from finishing them all, but there's something i have a lot of these days: time. So it's just a matter of squeezing it in between the job hunt (more on that later) and the TV show catching up I always find myself doing. So far, it's Whiplash which I absolutely loved and Birdman -- who's pseudo long shot had me blown away. So I've got way more to catch up on.

Anticipating: Messages from home. At the end of every week, I usually write an email out to my siblings who aren't in SG and to my parents now that I don't live in the same house. And though we do IM from time to time throughout the week, I really look forward to hearing about them on email. I'm a sucker for letters, whether on email or in the actual post and now that I'm in a foreign country, I can definitely work on my letter writing and getting mail in return.

So yes, hit me up, everyone. I'll have a new temporary address but I'm definitely in the mood to be sending out mail from here while I'm here -- who knows how that'll be (let it be long, please?)

Working on: The job hunt. So this pretty much consumes me. I know there are only so many ways one can write a cover letter but it's make-or-break time. This is why I quit my job back in october, so I could try my luck in singapore. And though it's lots of free time, whenever I find myself watching TV during lunch or reading a book and not sending resumes, I feel guilty -- though I shouldn't.

So please, I need all the love and luck and prayers you can send my way (and referrals for openings would be great, too SG-based friends) but really, just hoping this is what's meant for me, because I've dreamed about it for way too long.

Wishing: I find something I like. Corollary to the one above, finding a job means two things -- finding something that'll sustain me in Singapore and also finding something I'll actually enjoy. Because for all my griping and negativity before, I actually really loved what I did in my last job. So it's going to be pretty difficult to top.

This is of course, just a cherry on top of the sundae. First priority is to actually find something first. Will I love it? That would be lovely. Do I have to love it? Probably not for a while but at least I have one.

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