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12 of 12: When I had one of my longer, more 'exciting' days

I usually set an alarm to remind to take photos of my day and on this day, I knew I had a lot to do so I was excited to get photos of it all, but instead, I fell asleep mid-morning and forgot to take photos during my dinner with the girls. Still, it wasn't all bad. I got some snapshots of the day!

I was also home for the first time ever for the Golden Globes and though I realise I only like watching looking at the red carpet dresses, it was still nice to know I didn't have to work and then sneak glances at the red carpet.

My favourite dresses were all the yellow ones: from Naomi Watts to Jenna Dewan-Tatum to Leslie Mann to Taylor Swift! I'm a sucker for yellow, I know. Obviously, Emma Stone killed in her pants-thing. Pants + Emma (Watson or Stone) is a win. The silvers were pretty good too and Julianne Moore won it for me. Sequins and feathers? She brings it. Dakota Johnson felt like Julianne's more sedate version. And though haters will hate, I really liked Anna Kendrick's super princess dress.

I couldn't decide between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris and John Krasinski and Emily Blunt (who also looked FABULOUS) for the cutest couple on the red carpet but Maggie and Jake and Eddie and his wife Hannah and Benedict and his fiancee Sophie were pretty adorable, too.

I just watched Whiplash so I was really happy for JK Simmons who was so intense in that movie. The speeches were great and I'm so happy for Gina (Go Jane the Virgin!!!) and Julianne Moore (sparkly dress is sparkly!) and Eddie (JUST TAKING OFF MY PANTIES NOW) and all the wonderful winners. I feel bad for Jake (forever my love) though, but it's okay. Maggie won for both of them.

I'm really excited to watch Birdman and The Imitation Game but not so about Boyhood but after all the wins at the Golden Globes, I should probably get to watching it already.

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    01. 04:50am, outside my house
    The day started early because I was off to the airport to pick up my little sister who just spent her mandatory two week visit to LA. This immigration thing is a hassle for them but I would have killed to be part of the party. Still, I'm glad to have her back. I've missed the not-so-little girl.

    02. 05:38am, NAIA Terminal 2
    I swear, I wish there wasn't any traffic ever. It took us less than an hour to get to the airport which is amazing time considering every other time we go, it takes us way longer. Traffic has gotten really bad here and anytime I get this kind of travel time, it's cause for a celebration. Let this be repeated more.

    03. 06:18am, Guadalupe Bridge
    And it's the trek back home. I was hoping we'd see the sunrise over this bridge (which is incredibly near my old office) but instead we get a pre-dawn look which isn't too bad. My little sister took this as I drove so it wasn't such a hazard but also, her hands are shaky. I forgive her of course.

    04. 06:47am, McDonalds
    My favourite part about picking up people from the airport at ungodly hours is that we usually almost always get some takeout for breakfast. And McDonalds isn't the healthiest choice but always my favourite choice. The sausage with egg is a go-to and I will never get sick of the choices. Now if only I had more people to pick up at the airport.

    05. 06:59am, the side of the house
    Our dogs whom I'm not very close to (Peony and Paris) are camera shy and they seem pretty okay and just glad to be roaming around. It still makes me laugh that they're wary around me when I'm pretty much around them a lot of the time. I get they're more used to our help but you'd think they knew me by now. It's okay though.

    06. 07:11am, sun room
    My little sister is the sweetest. She didn't do much in LA or even bother to go out, but she got me a present! Because it had Taylor Swift on the cover. She knows me way too well. It's been a bit since I leafed through an actual magazine (i subscribe mostly to digital editions) so this will be fun to go through. She's the sweetest.


    07. 07:55am, my room
    So I'm done with my clothes packing but my non-clothes bit? Not quite. And I don't know how to go about this. The limbo-ness of this entire situation is making me unsure about what to bring and what not to bring. I know it's #allin2015 and I should think this way but it's just weird packing up my stuff. I've lived in this room for 25 years and I can't imagine not doing so.

    08. 11:09am, my room
    In more 'packing' news, I made a list of things I probably should bring with me and then I had my mom dictate things I should probably bring and she mentioned a lot of things I totally forgot so that's good. I really am not good with this packing of non-clothes bit. How do people who move houses do it??? Also, I have way too many things!

    09. 11:38am, Albergus
    My dad's planning my grandma's 90th birthday which technically is done but she'll be here next week until March so they're planning it for then so my mom and i went around to check out potential venues and the menus and all the wonderful flashbacks to my dad's 'surprise' birthday party. I'm not very good at this.

    10. 12:50pm, dining room
    And I got more holiday cards in the mail! From mellowdee and searchtheskies and hauntes (I wasn't able to take a photo) but I'm so happy. I realise I love sending mail so I'm going to try to keep sending anyway even if it's not the holidays. I just like using the postal system even if it takes forever.

    11. 04:34pm, living room
    And the Christmas decor comes down. I know it's pretty late for others but it felt just right for us -- plus they came up pretty late for us, too. But still earlier than everyone else, I know. I liked that my mom went back to the red ornaments since we've been doing the blue ones for a few years. THere's just something so festive about the red.

    12. 06:04pm, my room
    And I was able to see the first episode of Girls. I'm always so iffy about this show just because it entertains me but I feel like I should be obsessed with it way more than I am. I'm interested but i'm not hardcore loving it or obsessing so I don't know how to feel. Casual viewer? Perhaps? I find Allison Williams prettttty -- and crush pretty hard on her dad.

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