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Head Spinning from the Pain

I don't really get dysmenorrhea very often so I'm not too used to it and now, here I am suffering from it. I already went to the clinic and the coolest Doctora ever let me put a hot compress on it, because I didn't want to sleep.

I can't believe I just refused sleep. Not that I wanted to, I had to. We have our English session test on the Chapter One which I have no idea how to write. I'm not exactly little ms research. Why do I even have to do this paper? It's not like I really want to do it. Grrr....

Sem break is so near, yet it's so far. I did a miracle today with my IW cards. I managed to submit two without doing a single one at home. Sure, they're not exactly your E-worthy, amazingly jaw-dropping gorgeous cards, but they're still two cards. Two down, three more to go. I've got to create miracles at the rate I'm going.

English is really disheartening though. I can't interpret poems if my life depended on it, more than that, I'm not a poem person. I can make rhyming poems in a heartbeat. But apparently, thanks to William Wordsworth, that's already been perfected. So to Mr. Wordsworth, who happens to make my life so much harder right now, thank you. Thank you for being so freaking perfect that you've taken the entire genre and mastered it so that no one else can do it any better and therefore getting me stuck with writing free verse poems which I appreciate some of the time but really think is too pretentious for me.

Thank you. You just made my life a hundred times better. Oh well, I guess I have to shutdown now, Sir's already throwing daggers at me. I don't want to be the reason he bans livejournal like they did that other website.
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