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All In, 2015!

Happy 2015 everyone! It's a couple days into the new year and I've been doing different things than the usual start of the year. For one thing, half of my siblings were elsewhere during the New Year -- which is weird for me (we're usually one down at the most) but my little cousin and my grandma and aunt and uncle stayed over so there were still lots of people around.

I've watched way too many Disney movies (I blame Alexa, my 4-year old cousin). But I've also shockingly been 'jogging' and doing mini-workouts. I don't want to jinx anything, but I guess unemployment has given me the time and energy to actually expend more energy. This is something or me as you can't force me to get up from my seat.

With my trusty generator, here are a couple of things I hope to achieve this year. The operative word being hope not achieve. Look at me setting the bar low already.

I will be patient
And not just when it's easy to be patient -- like yesterday at the government office trying to get my license renewed. I literally had nowhere else to be so wasting 3.5 hours wasn't bad -- but if i were gainfully employed, like everyone else in that room, I would have been uber frustrated. And so, it makes me realise I need to be more patient. With everyone. With everything. With myself. I have such a short fuse for anything. I need to work on this.

I will keep an open mind
I wouldn't say I'm close minded -- not in the least but I definitely have my biases and my prejudices that have probably hindered me from doing things or meeting new people or whatnot. So here's to keeping a more open mind this year. Just letting things be. Not being too crazed when everything doesn't go according to the check list and living in the moment, I suppose. Jason Mraz said YES! to things. Here's to hoping I'll be saying YES as well.

I will keep my phone away on dates
Let's be honest, we don't know if I'll be going on any dates this year, but similar with turning off the TV for a bit, I should keep my phone away, too. I've tried for a couple of dinners, to keep my phone away and mostly succeeded but I need consistency to this. And it'll be hard, it's like a reflex for me to check my phone, so I've tried to not bring my phone to the table anymore and we'll see how this goes.

I will try to learn to cook
This one will come out of necessity I feel, but I don't know how things will pan out just yet but I think it's a pretty good life skill to have. I can sort of boil water and sort of cook an egg and sort of make instant noodles but a legitimate meal that isn't processed is beyond me. And I'm really quite useless in the kitchen but I'd like to know some survival methods. So lighting a match may be the first hurdle -- I'm quite afraid of that, too. We'll see how far this goes.

I will try to learn a programming language
I couldn't even re-learn Spanish in 2014, what makes me think I can code in 2015? Well, I just want to try and there are so many websites out there that can help girls code. If Minday Kaling could do it, I can too. Plus, it just seems like a pretty nifty skill given all this job application I'm doing. Could this be a profession? Who knows, probably not now but it could be if I got extremely good (look at me aiming high now).

I will track expenses
Technically, I did this in 2014 -- but not all the way. I was pretty good at sticking to it, too. Except when I'd cab excessively. So this year, I hope to be more conscientious about tracking my spending and hopefully have some income to offset all the spending. It's always funny to look back on all the crazy things I spent on too. Cabs, and food. Work, where art thou??? I need to finance my cabbing.

I will network more actively
I'm bad at this. I'm really bad at this. Small talk and networking at events is not my thing, but it's proven to be pretty useful if you're good at it and so I'm going to force myself to be more chatty in a productive way for work-purposes or just for social purposes. The point is, I have to be more social-ish.

I will drink more water
I tried cutting down on soda and it wasn't a sham but I also didn't replace it with water. I need to drink way more water than I consume and it's easy to say but it's so hard to do. I'm just lazy to refill my bottle at work or lazy to stand up and drink water. I need to do way more of this -- since i heard it also helps you get nicer skin -- which i Need.

I will turn off the TV
Technically I don't watch TV but I do consume a lot of media on my tablet, on the laptop, on my phone and this is just really telling me to disconnect once in a while. I've tried it out and now that I've cancelled my data plan it's easier, but when I do get a new one, wherever I am, it'll be tempting to be on Twitter or Instagram or watching show after show just because. I need to disconnect once in a while and just read a book (without having to google the plot or reviews) or just be.

I will make a friend
I wouldn't say I'm totally anti-social, because once you actually get me out of the house, I'm pretty friendly, but the friendliness isn't very inclusive and I'm quite cliquish. With this new change in my life -- whether when it works out in Singapore or not, I'd like to make a friend. Maybe not the bestest friend I'll have or as awesome as the friends I already do have, but I can't close myself to new friends. Here's to new friends (whether on LJ, online or in real life).

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