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Best of: December 2014

Happy Holidays to all of you lovely LJ friends I've had. I hope your holidays are a wonderful time with family and friends. I realise that as I get older, the holidays aren't all as cracked up as they used to be. Not that I don't enjoy the 'break' and time with the family but it does have it's crazy moments.

This year, though had it's weird moments. One of our dogs, Kenji, died on Christmas morning (like at 1am) and it was really sad. Our help are closer to our dogs (i'm allergic among other things) and so it wasn't like i'm extremely close to them, but the fact that Kenji died on Christmas really hit me hard. I wasn't even in the mood to open presents -- and I still haven't.

We buried him when we all woke up on Christmas day and it was my first time to shovel a grave. It wasn't even deep, but the 2 feet I helped with left my body sore and really just tired. So I slept Christmas day away in between eating and watching The Interview -- which was pretty damn awesome.

I'm okay now. I feel better. But it really makes me think about loss and grieving on the supposed happiest day of the year (i'm selfish though, I think my birthday is the happiest day). And so with that, I hope your days were better. It wasn't a bad Christmas, I had my family around (mostly) and I have my friends and I know I have you guys. But it was weird, for sure.

The month had it's definite happy moments though. My brother and sister came home -- and though Pietro is stuck in LA, I'm glad we were able to Skype with him. PB came home a week or so before Christmas, so we were able to hang more -- though it was a lot of hospital runs to visit and stay with Miguel (my cousin who had an operation) and my grandma (who was confined for a bit for her kidneys).

But I'm glad we were still able to go to the mall once and have Christmas dinner and just generally have PB around. He'll tease me to death and get the others to do it, too but I'll take it any day -- since I only see him a couple times a year anyway. Then Pamy came home a day or so before Christmas and so far, I haven't been a bitch to her which is saying something. I'm going to try to be nicer.

I also got to see work and my high school friends, college friends and some work friends. We had our annual Candy Christmas dinner courtesy of Blanche and the mimosas were divine. I really loved the food she prepared but mostly I loved being around them. I miss these girls especially after resigning but it's nice to catch up.

I also saw Risa, whom I haven't seen in a bit and though we met up way before Christmas, it was a nice Christmas get together. I saw my barkada from high school (and even though we weren't complete), it was fun to realise that we're all in pretty much the same place right now (a limbo) which was surprising to me, given two of them just got out of med school.

I also go to see Kim, which is nice, given the origins story of our friendship (in a nutshell, she was the quiet girl in class and I was obviously the noisy girl and so they sat us together in hopes they would get me to be a little less boisterous and my secret plan was to get her to be more talkative and neither worked). I only see her a couple times a year but i'm glad we keep in touch.

I also saw some college friends -- my block mates wherein we had a birthday, christmas get together and going away party for Ruth who's moving to New Zealand. Ruth's daughter, Martha is the cutest and though she didn't warm up to me much, I stole a photo with her. I also saw Ana and we had lunch at IHOP on Taylor Swift's birthday. The table was huge so we couldn't fit in a square photo together but it was fun to catch up and know that I will find a job, eventually.

And there goes December. In less than a week, it'll be the new year and I have to work on the year-ender without the aid of Photoshop. I will prevail. I hope you're all enjoying the rest of your holidays.

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