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12 of 12: When I surprisingly had a full day

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    Not bad. I had a full day today and really got around to seeing lots of friends and getting things done. And it's the last 12th of the year. How quickly time flies.

    01. 12:00am, my room

    I love this game but I mostly love the specials they have and of all them, I love the Christmas version just because the games are so fun and Springfield is covered in snow and just so many awesome things in store. The one game i play now.

    02. 7:00am, My Room

    And I'm shockingly awake at 7am. I had a couple meetings today so it took a while for me to stretch and get out of bed. My blinds were open so the sun was streaming in. And that got me out of bed.

    03. 8:30am, Dining Room

    Waiting for my cab to arrive and because I had a Christmas lunch with the Candy girls, I pulled out a black and white dress -- on theme with black and white. I love these sandals. I wish I had it in every colour.

    04. 10:00am, Katipunan

    And of course, it's traffic everywhere. The commute to work wasn't too too bad but still pretty bad. Especially with the holidays coming around, it's gotten worse and worse. Oh well.

    05. 11:30am, Row 4

    My view for the morning. It's weird being back in the office even if only for a bit -- consulting and training but still weird. I chose to sit in another row to make it less weird. It's not (less weird).

    06. 1:00pm, Yabu, Rockwell

    The remains of our lunch out. I totally spazz and forget to take a photo of it pre-meal but it was good and it was tonkatsu and it was glorious. I could eat here every single time.

    07. 2:30pm, Uniqlo

    We had our exchange gift and it was fun. Miss Ayessa was my mom and Erin was my baby and I got a Uniqlo skirt in blue. I was so tempted to get more things but my closet is already so full.

    08. 4:00pm, building lobby

    I was so sleepy after lunch that I had to grab a coffee before I collapsed. And there's a sun out. My new goal for my new work is that I can leave with a sun still out. Tough call but I'll persevere.

    09. 5:30pm, Row 4

    Waiting for my next session, I try to do some work I need to do but can't concentrate. There's a holiday party going on tonight and I'm just not in a work-state of mind. Hard times.

    10. 7:00pm, Page 3

    Holiday party time. There was chicken and lechon and pandit and just lots of awesome food. And there weren't any non-alcoholic drinks available. As much as I wanted to, it's too early in the night to get smashed.

    11. 8:30pm, Marian's house

    And as impromptu as it was, I'm glad i dropped by Marian's birthday/Ruth's despedida/BC friends reunion. There wasn't any traffic getting to her place so it was a sign that I knew I was meant to go.

    12. 10:00pm, Marian's house

    And this is me with Martha, Ruth's kid. She wasn't very friendly to us at first but she warmed up eventually and sort of gave a smile for the chosen few -- I was not part of it. She's so big already. I feel old.

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