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Best of: November 2014

November saw the tail end of my awesome and yet to be written about Japan Trip. But it also had other awesome things happening. It also flew by so quickly. And now we're down to less than a month till Christmas and just a month till 2015!!!! It can't be 2015 already and yet, we'll blink and it's there.

I went to Boracay island for the first time in my life for my friend Aimee's wedding and though I'm ten years too late to the island (when I was in high school, it was the in thing to go to Boracay after graduation, I didn't go), it was really nice and I won't call myself a beach person just yet but it definitely changed my views on beaches. Plus, hanging with macysfields and Chrissy and Lou and the entire wedding party for a couple days was glorious. I would not mind going back in November.

When I got back from the beach, I rushed to the hospital to visit my grandma. She's been confined for her kidneys and though she was discharged a couple days later, it's still scary when she gets confined. She stayed with us after she got out and we installed a ramp for her wheel chair. It was fun to try to push ourselves up the ramp which was pretty difficult. At least she's back at home now and better.

I still got to hang out with the Candy girls for all the Novemeber birthday celebrations (Marla, Dyan, Macy and Koko) and it was fun to put tattoos on for their dinner. We also saw CHVRCHES together and they were so amazing live!!! They sound like the record. We also saw Jason Mrax the next night and he's just so fantastic. He's been to Manila so many times and I think I've watched him almost every time and no regrets. He is the best.

I did some consultation/training in the office and it was nice to be back for a bit. I don't miss miss the place but it was nice to train and turn over and know the brands I left behind will be in A+ hands. Plus,it doesn't hurt that i get to see office friends too. I also got dragged out of the house on a Saturday night by Roana and Risa which is rare for me but fun nevertheless. Plus, free drinks. Who am I to say no?

In other news, let me know if you have a holiday love meme thread as I'd love to fill it out for you. Least we can do this holiday season. Posting mine below in case you're feeling bored. See you all in December.

holiday love meme 2014
my thread here

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