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Currently: turning into a gladiator and totally not expecting this


Loving: Jane the Freaking Virgin!!! I wrote about it before but I can't stop raving about it. Especially with Chapter 7 coming up tomorrow and the aftermath of their kiss. I like Michael, I do. But I'm hoping that Rafael and Jane are endgame because they have to be. Plus, Michael and Petra kind of look adorable together so I don't mind having them get together either.

This show, just brings out the best in me. It really reminds me of Pushing Daisies and so I'm hoping it gets way more episodes than that adorable show got. Plus, we need more Rogelio Dela Vega and more of Jane's abuela and more of Xiomara and how she totally has to meet Paulina Rubio. Why has this show taken over my life??? But yes, I love Rafael/Jane.

Reading: I started reading Not that Kind of Girl and I've read a couple memoirs but this one reads differently. I'm still trying to get into the groove of it, I feel it'll be at least a fairly entertaining read. I feel so very unaccomplished reading about her oh so interesting life. I really sound boring compared to her. I also just finished Dear Mr. Knightley which was interesting but really rushed in the end. Not bad, still.

Watching: I've really enjoyed this season of Homeland and episode 9 was just blow you away, I don't know what to do with myself. On another note, since I'm still waiting for Quinn/Carrie to happen, I shall hope that Khan/Carrie happens in the meantime. And if this wonderful post is any indication, then we're going to at least get more flirtation between Khan and Carrie. And I really don't mind. Raza Jeffrey is such a handsome guy and it's nice to see him get together with Joan on Elementary and Carrie possibly.

Anticipating: The siblings coming home for Christmas. I'd really like to spend time with them given how we won't be complete this Christmas (so sad Pietro can't come home from California). And I'm so excited to get all caught up on Scandal. Especially since I'm totally loving Jake/Olivia. Who knew I'd be so into Scott Foley??? Back in the Felicity days, I was solidly on Team Ben, so it's interesting that I'm quite Team Jake Ballard. Now to get all caught up.

Listening to: I've been listening to the songs from Jane the Virgin and the one that stands out the most is, Desde Que Te Fuiste by Cosme. I didn't think I'd be into Latin music but this one is just so fun and flirty. Of course, I still have 1989 on repeat but that's beside the point. And then this morning, I saw this gospel version of Nick Jonas's Jealous and instantly had it on repeat. Seriously, how can one not???

Planning: getting to know all my new LJ friends. Thanks to the lovely maybe who hosted an awesome friending meme, I have some lovely new friends to get to know better. Hello, everyone. My name is Patty and I like to ramble a lot. And with that, I say welcome to my very random LJ that has both real life and fandom mixed together no matter how hard I try to separate the two.

Working on: Going through my backlog of magazines. I went crazy during one of those Zinio sales and I'm only in the April issues of magazines. I wish Conde Nast magazines did sales. The Hearst group does massive sales all the time but Conde Nast? Not at all. I need to renew my subscription and want Vanity Fair so the holidays are going to see me spending again.

Wishing: 2014 could slow down just a tad bit. I get that we're like down to la month till Christmas but I wouldn't mind a slower pace now that I'm not doing anything. The days just pass by so quickly and even if I'm unemployed, there isn't enough time in a day to do all I want to do (which is mostly read books, watch TV and then repeat). Slow down a bit, please?

And though it's a couple days old, there are a lot of awesome people there. Sign up, guys. I can't believe I found other folks who are still on LJ. It's hard to believe, but it's true!

( multi-fandom friending meme. )

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