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I wish you were right here, right now, it's all good, I wish you would

+ I'm really proud of how I cleaned my room. I know it's something that should be done anyway but after five years of working (read: no summers to clean), I finally got to sit down and clean out my room. And despite the fact that I still have half of the smallest room in the house (I share with my little sister), I still have a shit ton of things. Like five years' worth of stuff.

It feels really good to live in a clean room. I can actually sit at my desk. I can actually open my desk and find clothes that aren't crumpled. I can go through my desk without having to unearth so much junk. It feels great. There won't be any before photos. It' too embarrassing.

IMG_5389 IMG_5394
My desk! My bookshelf! I can see my books and my desk and I can put up memorabilia. and I can use the coloured pens and my stapler and all my chargers are rolled up and fixed! It's so fun to see my desk. I cannot get over this.

And I got rid of a lot of books I had absolutely no plans of reading again. It was nice to see which books really matter. I want to get a couple more editions I don't have in hard copy, but I'm excited to get to re-read those I have anyway.

IMG_0125 IMG_5391
Half the closet is mine and half is my sisters so I only took photos of half the closets and I can see my clothes! And I can choose shirts again! Not just pulling out what's not crumpled! I can see my bags! I can see my scarves (well they're in boxes).

And obviously, i need more work appropriate shoes but given the current state of unemployment, these are just fine. I gave away a lot of the ones that were falling apart or were embarrassing to look at already so for now, this is all I have.

IMG_5393 IMG_5396
I also gave away A LOT of my CDs and yes, I don't have many DVDs so it's all nice and neat now arranged there. And if you look closely, yes it's mostly NSync and Britney and Christina. I was that age when it was still CDs. I have no shame.

And my bathroom! I fixed my half and can now see the toiletries. And I fixed my accessories so now I can wear my other earrings and my rings and all the wonderful things that were buried underneath all my craziness. Oh it feels really really good.

+ In other news, my Kindle is dying. I refuse to write that it's dead (even if it probably is) because I don't want to believe it just yet. I really want it to live. My dad's offered me his Kindle which he rarely uses now but I don't want to let go of Kindle. I realised how 'naked' I feel without my books. While cleaning out my room, I gave away some of my books and all of the stuff I want to read next are on my Kindle.

I know they're all on my cloud and I can download the Kindle app on my tablet or on my phone or on my laptop but it's so different to read it on the Kindle. I can't believe I'm missing it already. I really hope it just needs to rest and can be revived. Can we all cross our fingers please?

+ I'm going back to work for a week next week and I'm a little nervous but also glad to be turning over formally to someone. I left the office with an okay turnover but it was temporary as there wasn't someone hired yet for the position. So I hope next week goes by well enough. I really hope the new girl will enjoy the work as much as I did.

+ And for TV talk, because this entry is all over the place anyway, I am so in love with Jane the Virgin. Like crazy in love. I was totally resisting the show because we all know what happens when I fall in love with a CW show (Emily Owens MD) -- it gets cancelled. But I'm taking a chance and so far, really really loving it. Can anyone point me towards LJ icons???

I've already stalked the entire cast and they're just adorable. Gina is too cute in the role and the whole plot is crazy but totally fun to watch. I didn't realise that Justin Baldoni was the guy from that absurd wedding proposal video but it's okay. He's so cute on the show.
Madam Secretary: I really like Tea Leoni and I hope this show does not get cancelled plus her husband is really cute. I don't know how they're going to evolve this show but coming from my re-watch of The West Wing, they have pretty huge predecessors, so I hope they try to be their own show.
The Newsroom: I'm terribly sad that this is the last season. But I guess everything must end. I'm still obsessing over Don/Sloan and I'm glad Maggie is getting better at what she does. Plus we get bonus Chris Messina aside from Mindy so I'm just happy about this show. Also, I hope they don't send Neal to jail.
Homeland: I am watching this for Rupert Friend and whether he'll get together with Carrie or get killed off. After The Young Victoria, I just need to see him, so it's nice to be all caught up now. I'm also watching it for Saul and I hope they don't kill him either. And on this show, no one but Carrie is safe, it seems.
The Originals + TVD: So i'm on the fence about both shows. The Originals started off with a strong first season but season 2 is a little blah for me. I need Elijah and Hayley to have more screen time for me to be interested. But I'm glad the guy from Teen Wolf is here because he's cute. As for TVD, it was slow for me, especially after a really bad Season 5, so I'm hoping they continue with Stefan/Caroline, because it is what's keeping me going.
The Mindy Project: I am in love with Mindy and feel it can do no wrong. Chris Messina, Mindy, just stay your awesome selves. It helps that the supporting cast is brilliant and are getting better story lines. I'm just happy this show is on.
The Flash + Arrow: I have to thank searchtheskies for my Arrow resurgence and I just need more Felicity Smoak in my life. It was nice to see her back story and her mom but now i want to see her happily in love. I liked seeing Felicity cross over to the Flash and lusimeles was just educating me on the entire mythology so I'm excited to see where it goes but Barry is adorable. And yes, I like Eddie/Iris.
Elementary: Shockingly, I'm really enjoying this show even if i miss Sherlock on BBC but what is one to do while waiting, right? Plus Lucy Liu and her fabulous outfits OWN ME. I literally just sent my little sister a dress she wore and hope she can make it for me.

+ The Japan photos will come out eventually. I know I should write about it before I forget it all but the perfectionist in me just anal about getting all the photos right and honestly, I don't know where to start. I'll get to it, I promise catteo

+ Finally, I did a HOLIDAY CARD post and if you'd like one, please hop on over there to sign up. I'll be sending the cards by this Friday so I hope you can reply before then. HOW IS EVERYONE WHO'S LEFT???

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