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12 of 12: When I played the good granddaughter card

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    Seriously, if last month, I was in bed ALL day, this month, I was barely in bed at all! Running errands and driving for folks assured for a more active but still not as interesting day. I swear I need to travel on the 12th just because all my trips never fall on that fateful day. We can still make things happen.

    01. 07:00am, dining room

    With my newfound unemployment, I'm surprisingly getting up from bed despite no reason to. It also helps that my little sister shares a room and i feel some movement around me. And so I find myself eating breakfast! A rarity! I'll take it.

    02. 07:30am, my bedroom

    One of the things I bought for myself in Japan were these adorable stationary-origami things. Initially I was going to give it out to some friends but then I realised, it's been some time since I got myself stationary. More about my stationary experience when I write about Japan but this is a preview of the cuteness.

    03. 08:00am, UP Diliman

    Part of the unemployment schtick is being everyone's designated driver which is okay with me. So here I am playing the good sister and driving my little sister who's so blasé about being late to her workshop. Which is fine by me as long as it's fine by her.

    04. 10:00am, National Kidney Transplant Institute

    Now it's time to play good granddaughter so I drove my mom to pick up my grandma from the hospital. And the blank parking spot has one of my favourite numbers on it! 55! It's a good sign.

    05. 10:30am, Room 2005

    We had a false alarm yesterday about picking up my grandma so today when we get to her room, there's a sign that says she's ready for discharge. Good times! Here I am chilling on her bed, watching Arrow while we wait for paperwork to get fixed.

    06. 12:00pm, Room 2005

    Shockingly, they still serve my grandma lunch even if she's been discharged. But she's picky about her food so I have the glorious hospital food for myself. Fish and vegetables? Not my top pick but i'll take it.

    07. 2:30pm, my grandma's house

    We make a pit stop to drop off all her stuff and look who's there to greet us! My little cousin, Alexa who lives with my uncle and my grandma is back from day school and is her usual adorable self. I can only take little kids in small increments so hanging around this kid is both fun but also challenging. She is ENERGY personified. I'm tired just writing about it.

    08. 03:00pm, my grandma's house

    And it's a late lunch for us! Well technically, I already had lunch but this is more fun. We got some take out from Army Navy and though I'm not a big burger person, but this was pretty awesome or I was just really hungry. I obviously forgot to take a 'before' shot.

    09. 03:30pm, my grandma's house

    This garage has seen a lot of fights among cousins, games and a lot of tomfoolery every summer. I don't know how long those sleepovers would last in my grandma's house but they felt like an eternity -- in the best way possible. I can't imagine cramming 10 grandkids there but we fit somehow with enough space to run and play tag.

    10. 04:00pm, the hallway?

    Oh look! Our house is now wheel chair friendly. My mom asked our handy-guy to build ramps for my grandma's wheelchair and it's been pretty fun trying to push ourselves up the ramp on my grandma's wheelchair. It's difficult but doable and I definitely have MORE respect than ever for those who push themselves around on it. My arms hurtttt afterward.

    11. 06:00pm, the dining room

    oh look who's home. My little sister is back from school and looking very rad as always. I swear, I did not look half as cool when I was in college. And i have photos to prove it. I guess her course calls for it (Clothing Technology) but she always looks way cooler in my head.

    12. 08:00pm, the dining room

    And it's dinner time. It's weird to see so many people around the table given half my siblings are already out of the house so it was nice to have my cousin Miguel stay over and my grandma just so the table seemed almost as full as it was when my siblings all lived under one roof.

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