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Best of: October 2014

So October was pretty crazy. I had my last two weeks of work -- which turned out to be pretty hectic but also pretty bittersweet. And then I had like a weekend of rest before I packed up and I had my Japan trip (that was seriously amazing) that I will write about in another entry. And all the wonderful crazy things in between. Seriously this October is one for the books.

I met up with college friends, Mimi and Sophie whom I haven't seen in ages so it was nice to catch up with them and just veg around. Plus it was nice to be out of the house for breakfast. That is a rarity for me. I saw Risa, too and it was nice because I haven't seen her in ages either. Despite us being neighbours, we don't get to see each other much now that we don't work together.

Then I met up with Iza for her birthday and that was fun because I almost thought it wasn't going to push through because of schedules but it did and we ate in this pretty good revolving restaurant which had me a little dizzy at first but then I got used to it after. My sister jamypye was in town too for a couple days and I'm glad we were able to do an impromptu sleepover even if it was on my second to the last day of work.

I saw Chrissy for our #kaladkarin dinner even if we weren't complete and it was nice to just talk to her and hang for a bit complete with longganisa and beers. And one of the Penguins of Madagascar came by the office! Adorable, I tell you. I know these are all marketing ploys but I don't mind having a photo with a penguin!

Of course, there were adventures with the Candy girls as always. We caught the One Direction concert movie and I honestly don't know how I'm going to handle myself when we do get to watch them live. I hope the new album is better so that the songs in the tour will be great because I'm not too hot on Midnight Memories.

Then there was the actual last week of work which was really bittersweet. My boss threw me a surprise going away party and it was really sweet. I was honestly floored when they brought me into the training room and all the awesome folks I work with were there. Plus my seat mates made me a giant cookie cake in the design of a Google Analytics interface! Adorable! On my last day, I went out with the Candy girls for lunch and had a really good time. I'll miss the folks there for sure.

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