Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: getting blown away by all things Japanese

Loving: Osaka and Japan in general. I knew it'd be efficient and clean and pretty but it's that and so much more and i'm just blown away every time the bus arrives early or the train is so cool or the toilets show me crazy talents or just any time. And that's only Osaka. I am loving this break-the-bank trip again.

Reading: Other than the Lonely Planet Tokyo guide and all these blogs on things to do in Japan, i'm trying to get through Midnight in Austenland. I liked the first one and the movie so I'm hoping this one lives up to the first one. My expectations are low though so I'm sure i'll like it.

Watching: On the plane to Japan, i was watching the first season of Sex and the City which makes me want to re-watch the entire series. But i'm also re-watching Gilmore Girls thanks to macysfields's generosity.

Anticipating: Kyoto and Tokyo. osaka has been pretty A+ but i'm sure when I meet jamypye we're bound to have even more awesome times and lots more wonderful sights. Seriously. AND Taylor's new album which should be out while I'm here.

Listening to: Taylor Swift's new single, Out of the Woods which is taking some time to grow on me. Shake it off just latched on to me to like a leech so this one is taking getting used to. I like the ones she released with her Target and Coke commercials. Full review when it comes out for sure.

Planning: my Tokyo itinerary in minute detail. I'm a little anal when it comes to planning and the guidebook isn't helping me ease up. So i'm literally check listing everything and google mapping it all just because it's difficult to navigate when you can't read or understand the language.

Working on: Just really taking in the sights and not being too nitpick about everything. I know i said i planned things like crazy above but i do know how to veer away from the plan and this has been the first break where I literally don't have to worry about anything (work wise at least) so I am working on relishing this moment.

Wishing: The vacation didn't have to end. it's only begun but I feel like i can see me worrying about unemployment soon so I wish I can have a great vacation downtime and get ready to jump back into work when the time is right. (and now reading up on last month's wishing, obviously, i'm still wishing the same thing)

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