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Six Options for the Out of School Me

It's Monday again tomorrow and somehow I keep just counting down to the weekend and then back to Mondays it is for all of us. Pamy's already on her sembreak and I am so envious because this afternoon, she was just lounging around reading books -- not related to school at that.

And the worst part is, I'm still so lazy. I'm supposed to be up and about doing my school work and eager to finish IW cards, and yet I feel so freaking lethargic. I was seated in front of my desk and instead of just dying to dive into school work, there I was staring at my reflection (this is very convenient as I attached a mirror to my bulletin board). What kind of student have I turned into?

I've decided that since I love watching the television, and I guess I can learn a thing or two from it anyway, I've made a list of things I want to be (no studying included) based on what I've been watching:
  • A Model
    I can still feel the slices of pizza I consumed for dinner and they're not exactly helping my desperate cause of getting any thinner. After watching what happened to the models-to-be of America's Next Top Model, I sometimes wish I wasn't so short or pudgy. So un-model-like. Then if I were taller and thinner then I wouldn't have to study so I could just traipse the catwalks of Milan and have intensity in my eyes. Sure, it's not all fun, but at least I could enjoy it.

    And who wouldn't want Nigel Barker? That photographer is one hottie! He kept me watching that show, even if the good looking girls were the focus. What I'd do to stand in the same room as him. And I don't care what anyone says, I don't think he's gay. At all.

  • A Lawyer
    Yes, this would require studying, but who wouldn't want to be in Kate Fox's shoes? In Miss Match, she's got it going on for her. She's got the hottest boyfriend ever. And his name is Michael again! I swear! Michaels of this world are too gorgeous for me. And if I'm not mistaken, this guy playing him is also the hot guy from Boston Public -- not a mainstay though.

    So just for this guy, I would kill to be a lawyer.

  • British
    Coupling is such a hilarious show and they're accents are just to die for. If I could have their humor and their accent, then I couldn't go wrong, right? And the lead girl, Susan has the sweetest boyfriend ever, though on the dorky side. Sigh.

  • A Princess
    I was watching Royals A-Z and even if it showed a bunch of negative stuff, it did show Prince Harry, my love. I don't care if he cheated on his exam. He's done a lot worse anyway. I still want to be his princess. And since he's not exactly in line for the kingship or things like that, then we'll have time to be together and enjoy our lives with each other.

    Uh oh, I'm getting delusional. The anchovies are definitely getting to my head.

  • A New Yorker
    Every single time I watch Sex and the City, it makes me want to visit or possibly live in the Big Apple. I know it's probably not all it's put up to be, but I don't care. Since Prince Harry's a liberal anyway, maybe we could ditch the palace for a loft somewhere in the Upper East Side or something like that.

  • the US President's Daughter
    Because apparently, they get a lot of action. I'm not talking about the Bush twins here either. Two movies have spawned really cutsie movies about the first daughters and both of them have equally hot guys. Both of whom have names that start with M again. Marc Blucas to Katie Holmes' character in First Daughter and Matthew Goode to Mandy Moore's character in Chasing Liberty. How cool can being the first daughter get?

    I can even have my own Secret Service Agents. So cool.

So I guess there are a lot of options for me, if I choose not to study. Haha, yeah right.
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