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No goodbyes

Yesterday was my last day of work and if I thought I wouldn't get emotional over it, I was deluding myself. For all the negativity and exhaustion I've been feeling about it for the past couple of years, it still has been a pretty crazy awesome ride.

And this week, as I had my last every things (last Monday, last carpool, last dinner etc.), it really dawned on me that this was it... for now, at least. Last Thursday, my boss threw me a surprise going away thing and invited everyone in the office and it was really bittersweet. I'm glad I didn't break down right there and then. Apparently, the tears would come the next day.

As I was writing turnover and endorsement emails on my last day, it really hit me how this was all such a blessing. To work with amazing folks and be accepted and trusted with awesome brands was such a privilege. I had my struggles and all my confusion, but it was worth it in the end.

I got lots of well wishes and wonderful emails from colleagues that I'll definitely treasure forever and I would gladly return one day, should there still be something I can contribute to. But for now it's time for a new adventure. And it's still not sinking in, this unemployment thing, but I'll manage, I think somehow.

So thanks to everyone who stuck with me through all my crazy tired diatribes. You'll be hearing another version now. But thank you nevertheless, it's been fun.
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