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12 of 12: When I literally did nothing but stay in bed

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    If I had done this yesterday, this would have been a more fruitful day and we have had way more variety to the photos. I was literally out the whole day and I went to like four different places. But today was the 12th and today I did nothing but stay in bed and watch TV. Sorry about that in advanced.

    01. 12:05am, my grandma's room

    I was so afraid I'd miss taking photos today, i started extra early. And so before I went to bed, I caught some Gilmore Girls which I'm rewatching thanks to macysfields. It is brilliant.

    02. 12:10am, under the stairs

    oh look, my inverted passport and the Tokyo guide book I have yet to crack. I've been a little lazy to do my reading up and I hope I don't regret it but I'll be with jamypye in Tokyo so I feel like she'll have it covered. I promise to read.

    03. 12:15am, my grandma's room

    I got myself a new Tarot guide book and it's been fun to read for friends even If I'm legitimately no good at this. It's not that I believe this completely or base my life decisions on it but it's fun and a little spooky sometimes.

    04. 12:20am, the living room

    And I'm reading Midnight in Austeland which I hope is good because I enjoyed the first book so I'm hoping this one is as good. And now that I've read not so good Jane-Austen-fandom novels, I appreciate the good ones. And look, I finally replaced my wallet, too.

    05. 7:55am, my grandma's room

    And I'm off to mass. I'm glad I woke up for the 8am mass. It's just my preferred time, that way I'm awake for most of the day and I was able to start it on a good note. I'm glad I was able to zip myself up into this dress. I really need to exercise, because I can barely breathe in it.

    06. 9:05am, dining room

    We're back at home and breakfast is done. This is my little sister's back as we dawdle around the breakfast table. I'm glad it didn't rain while we were at church -- we didn't bring umbrellas.

    07. 9:15am,terrace

    And there's my blow-up cover thanks to the Candy team. The September issue is one of our biggest issues every year and we have a Candy Cutie on the cover and this year's was Enrique Gil, at the Candy Fair, the team had Enrique sign two covers -- one we gave away at a raffle and the other they gave to me. I love it. It sits in our terrace. When I clean my room, it'll have a more permanent place.

    08. 11:00am, my grandma's room

    So I finally got around to watching The Young Victoria so many years later from when I saw it on mellowdee's LJ and I'm so glad I did because it took me more than 1.5 hours to watch the film because I kept pausing it to go back to scenes I loved or to research Victoria and Albert and so on. There is a reason I love the V&A Musem and now I have many more.

    09. 1:00pm, my grandma's room

    Yes, it did take me forever and I'm still not over the movie that I watched it twice -- once by myself and when Paola woke up from her nap, I watched it again -- this time not on my laptop but on my dad's pretty awesome widescreen TV. If anyone wants to watch it again, I will watch it with them.

    10. 5:00pm, my room

    I had to take a break from all the Young Victoria-ing that I went back to my room, blinds closed and just researched Victoria and Albert. And though their love story was far from perfect in reality, their movie and the chemistry on screen was incredible. Julian Fellowes, your screenplay was brilliant.

    11. 5:30pm, my grandma's room

    So I'm not over Rupert Friend and Emily Blunt, that I went on a wiki-spree to check out their filmography and because I wasn't Wickham's fan, I decided to get caught up on some Homeland just so I can get some Mr. Friend time in. Mrs. Krasinski, I will catch up on your filmography, too. I just have a couple I haven't seen. I am officially fans, guys.

    12. 5:45pm, dining room

    I probably shouldn't have consumed this much cheese but I saw my brother Pio eating some earlier today and I realised I'm missing out on all the cheese in the fridge that I just ignore. So I did not ignore them tonight. I'm not big on red wine but I wouldn't have minded some white instead.

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