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Best of: September 2014

Wow, I've gotten over September already. I've been ultra nervous and excited about this month just because Candy Fair happens and the Sales Conference happens and so many other things. But it' done now and I can't believe I'm just looking back on it already. I would have gotten through it if it weren't for the awesome support of office mates and my family so I'm just happy I'm still standing after September.

We had a couple events going on in September and some of them I just attended and of course Candy Fair (below) I helped bring together. But I brought my little sister to the Esquire-Eraserheads party which was fun because they performed on a whim.

My officemate Kriska celebrated her birthday in the office and that was amazing, too because she brought food her mom made and it was awesome. Of course, it wouldn't be a month in the office if no one matched and Kevin and Koko did the twinsies pose.

Finally, the week before Candy Fair was the Manila International Book Fair which is always fun to go to. I don't get to buy much but it's nice to see what's out there and support the books team.

I also got to meet friends outside of work and our monthly #kaladkarin dinners continued on and I was only late for a bit. Half of the attendees are ex-employees of the company and soon enough, it'll be 4/6 but I'm not in a rush. I also attended Nikki's wedding reception all the way in Antipolo and that was incredibly fun. I didn't have to drive so we were able to stay a little later, drink a little more than usual and dance a lot more. Fun times.

I didn't get a photo of it but my uncle Dennis was here for a week and that was a crazy week of course. I tried my best to see him as often as I could at my grandma's house and it was nice to just chill with him. He finally got to meet our newest cousin, Alexa so that was fun, too.

I got to go out with my high school friends too who passed the medical board exams! I'm so incredibly proud of Lee-Ann and Iza! How crazy is it having studied for so long and then finally getting what you want. Yay for doctor-friends.

Then of course, there was the Candy Fair. I've been going to this every year as someone who helps out but never in the capacity of actually being partially in charge of it and I'm happy it went by pretty good. It could have been better on so many levels but given what we had and the time and whatnot, it was pretty awesome. I wouldn't have done it without the awesome events team and of course the Candy team and everyone who went so I'm just glad it didn't turn out a bust. That was one for the books for me. I'm glad I stuck around for it.

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